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Importance of Intellect in Life

by Ron Kurtus (revised 17 December 2007)

Intellect is the ability to learn and reason, as well as the capacity for knowledge and understanding. It is intelligence and using your mind creatively. A major part of your life is your intellect. Fulfillment in your education and intellect can contribute to leading a satisfying and successful life. Factors involved in having a good intellect are that you think mindfully, are mentally creative, and continually grow.

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Think mindfully

Thinking mindfully means you are truly present with life and allow it to unfold without judging your life. In other words, don’t worry about things. Instead, you should focus on positive thoughts.

Focus on the journey

Focus on the journey and not the destination. In this way, you enhance your intellect without getting bogged down on the unnecessary.

Be observant 

Being observant and using your mind to gain knowledge of the world around you increases your intellect in a positive manner. There is so much to learn and so little time to learn it that you don't want to be bogged down on nonsense.

Look to the positive

Understand the difference between reasons and results. Don’t mindlessly waste time and energy rationalizing on why you can’t get what you want, but go out and pursue other ways to get it. Choose where you focus, and focus on thoughts that nurture.

Be creative

There is a saying that imagination is the eye of the soul. Everything is created twice—first mentally, then physically. A plan or an idea comes before action or implementation.

You can be creative in anything you do. Sometimes it is just doing something different than you've always done it before. Trying out new things can lead to creative discoveries.

Possibility thinking comes before the action and vision precedes reality. You think of the possibilities of what could happen or the rewards you may get from an action. Being creative as possible improves your intellect.

Continually grow

We all have the capacity to change, learn, evolve, and grow. This is not only true physically, but also mentally. In fact, our capacity for metal growth is almost limitless. They say that we only use 10% of out mental capabilities. It that is true, there is tremendous room for growth.

Continually study and learn

Pursue your talents throughout life and continually study and learn. you are never too old to learn something. Some people seem to give up on learning after they leave school. they do things at home, at work and even at play in the same old way. You can gain so much satisfaction and enjoyment in life by learning to use new talents and skills.

Pursue new interests

Try to pursue new interests daily. Observe, try something new and then grow in your knowledge. Do this all the time and you will grow intellectually and as a person.


To have a good intellect, think mindfully, be mentally creative and continually grow. This will help you lead a satisfying life.

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The 22 Non-Negotiable Laws of Wellness by Greg Anderson, Harper Collins Books, 1996 ($12.00). Provides an excellent blueprint for the principles to follow to lead a good life.

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