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Case Study of Publicizing an Event

by Ron Kurtus (26 June 2009)

The Northwest Association of Book Publishers (NABP) is an organization in the Greater Portland, Oregon area that holds monthly meetings including a guest speaker. Besides members, the meetings are also open to those who may be interested in the speaker or the organization.

Methods used to publicize NABP meetings provide a good case study of publicizing an event.

The purpose for publicizing an organization event is to let both the members and other people know about the upcoming meeting so that many of them will attend. In order to effectively publicize a meeting or event, you need to define your audience or those you want to reach.

Questions you may have include:

This lesson will answer those questions.

Audience for event

The audience consists of members and those who may be interested.

NABP members

One goal or reason is to remind members of the upcoming meeting and to let them know about the featured speaker.

Other people

The other reason is to announce the meeting and subject of presentation to people in the greater community who may be interested in becoming published, independent book publishing, self-publishing or providing services to the industry.

Announcing to members

Members are reminded of the upcoming NABP meeting and made aware of the guest speaker and topic of the presentation through several methods.

Publicizing to others


Press releases to the calendar sections of the various local newspapers are sent out to announce the meeting and speaker.

There is no guarantee that the newspaper will publish the announcement, especially with the decreased readership. Apparently, the Oregonian has online announcements, but they are not really usable at this juncture.

Writers' groups

Also, local writers' organization are notified about the meeting and speaker.


The publicizing goal for NABP is to remind members of the meeting and speaker and to make those among the general public interested in such a meeting aware of the event.

Organization member are sent email notices and have a website with information about the event. Press released are sent to local newspapers and writers' groups to announce the meeting. Unfortunately, there is no guarantee that the announcement will be published in the newspaper.

Let people know about your event

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