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Feedback Q&A on Nutrition

Readers have sent in a total of 18 comments and questions on Nutrition issues. They are listed according to date.

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Resources USA
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Topic: Resources


July 18, 2017

Hi there,

I write for Happier Living Today and I’m reaching to share our guide "State of Dieting in the US: The Trendiest, Most Popular, & Best Diet Plans," which explores popular diet plans and compares them based on effectiveness, popularity, and more:

If you like it, I hope you’d consider adding the guide to your weight loss resources page:



Cynthia -


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Topic: Resources


June 26, 2017

Hi Ron,

This is Misato from, a health and fitness site for women.

I noticed you have a link to a site that used to be "Nutrition Secrets". The site is no longer operated as an informational health and nutrition site. The site is now a supplement store operated by another person.

Our site is a similar site to the former Nutrition Secrets, where readers can explore a range of health, nutrition, and fitness related topics in easy-to-digest articles.

We can also be a great resource to your readers and a complimentary replacement that offers values equivalent to (or greater!) Nutrition Secrets.

I hope you consider adding us to your list of resources or better yet, replacing Nutrition Secrets link with ours, so you can eliminate your unintended redirect to a health store.

And I'm happy to share your resource page with our audience as well since it's such as useful and resourceful page!

Thank you for your consideration.


Misato Alexandre

Misato - USA


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Topic: Resources


June 17, 2017

Hi Ron,

My name is Misato Alexandre and I’m one the of the co-founders and writers at

While browsing your page, I realized we can be a great resource on Nutrition, Diet, and Weight Loss that would be a perfect fit for your visitors:

Our site is full of easy to digest explanations, tools, research-based information, even gluten-free recipes and dieting tips for your readers.

I hope you’ll consider adding it to your website.

Misato Alexandre

Fitwirr - Health and wellness website with a wide range of articles on diet, weight loss, and nutrition all backed by science.

Misato - USA


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Suggested resource

Topic: Resources


September 25, 2016

Hey Ron,

I noticed you are linking to a few nutritional sites and blogs on your website, but you don’t have a link to

Have you seen it yet? Their blog has a ton of nutritional content for anyone looking to live a healthier life, and it’s helped me out so much in my quest to become fitter and happier. Their latest post also helped my girlfriend finally choose a protein powder to include in her diet - she really struggled to work out the differences beforehand, so the post was a lifesaver.

Thought I’d let you know as adding it to your list might help other people out too.

Hope you’re having a lovely day! Keep up the good work, I really enjoy School for Champions.


Matthew - UK



Thanks for the suggested resource. It looks like good stuff. I added a link at Nutrition Resources.

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Topic: Resources


August 26, 2016


My name is Katherine Dilworth, and I write the blog which highlights effective methods to stop snoring. I hope you’re doing well.

I have been surfing your site and I came across your post where you have mentioned many websites related to health-

You have mentioned some excellent websites on your page.

Just to let you know snoring can be a major health problem while sleeping.

I have a post on my blog regarding solutions to stop snoring. You can take a look at it -

I was thinking that if you would like to mention my blog post link in your page. I would love if my blog is mentioned here.

Thanks, and I hope to hear from you.

Katherine Dilworth

Katherine - USA


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Topic: Resources


August 21, 2016

Hi Ron,

How are you? I am just following up on the email I sent last week about adding my website to your Nutrition Resources page.

Did you get a chance to review the site, and if so, do you think it would be a good fit? I hope it is :)



Veronica - USA


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Topic: Resources


August 12, 2016

Hi Ron,

How are you? I hope you have had a wonderful week.

I came across your Nutrition Resources page and wanted to share a couple of links with you, namely: - our food finder tool that helps people discover new and healthy foods that they can add to their diet. - our healthy smoothie recipes tool. The recipes use natural ingredients and all of them, including the photographs, are our own.

I think your visitors will find these links handy. If you think so too, please feel free to add them to the page.

Many thanks :)


Veronica - UK


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Suggested resource

Topic: Resources


August 7, 2016

Hi Ron, my name is Pete and I was referred to this resource page by Mike at, who's a peer of mine.

I run a personal health & fitness blog called, the main goal of which is to show people, as substantiated by legitimate science, how to lose weight and get healthy as easily as possible. I have a number of how-to articles, as well as articles discussion common practical hurdles, like how to handle going out to restaurants, family dinners, etc.

With so much confusing misinformation out there, among many other problems, a lot of normal people out there falsely believe health is inaccessible to them, and my goal is to show them that it's not.

Anyway, I noticed at the bottom of your resource page that you're open to suggested additions, so I thought I'd email to say hello and suggest my site. If you think it would be a useful referral to your readers, I'd of course appreciate a link.

Thanks for your time,

Pete - USA



Thanks for the comments. I added a link to your blog at Nutrition Resources.

Best wishes for success in your activities.

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Suggested nutrition resource

Topic: Resources


March 18, 2016


I have a suggestion for your "Nutrition Resources" page. It is a website that I find highly valuable and one that I think would make a great addition to your very useful list :)

The site is called Diamond Herbs and the URL is

It talks about many different health and nutrition topics that I think your audience can benefit from as well.

Anywho, just wanted to share and let you know to keep up the great work!

Morgan - USA



Thanks for the suggestion. I added the link on the Nutrition Resources page.

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Great nutrition resources

Topic: Resources


December 24, 2015


I've found your resources article and I think it is a great collection of resources. Google doesn't always rank great websites on the first page and finding them is sometimes difficult. Luckily websites like yours make this task much easier.

I was thinking that if you link to these great resources, maybe you will consider linking to my blog I have Cornell University undergraduate degree in Nutritional Sciences and I am passionate about nutrition and well-being. You can check my site to see what kind of topics I blog about. I base my articles on meticulous research and make sure that all statement are supported by credible resources.

You can see some examples of such articles here: - 11,000+ words guide on detoxing. - 5000+ words guide on honey. - 4500 words guide on apple cider health benefits

I would be honored if you'd consider linking to my site, or give an honest feedback on my work.

In any case, keep up doing a great work!

Thanks a lot,
Helen Nichols
Certified Nutritionist

Helen - USA



Thanks for the suggested resources. I added them to Nutrition Resources.

Best wishes for success in your work.

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