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Become a Champion in Physical Science

by Ron Kurtus

Physical Science can be a challenging subject to many people. However, it is a worthwhile subject to learn, not only to fulfill a requirement in school but also to be able to understand the physical world around you.

When you overcome the challenge of a difficult subject and realize that you understand much more than you thought, you can feel good about yourself—like a champion.

There are some simple steps to follow in order for you to get to this stage. It is worthwhile making the effort, because you get more out of life from feeling like a champion.

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Champion in science

The science champion is a person who wins the Science Fair, gets the best grades in his or her class or wins some other competition in science. Only one person can be the champion, but many can be a champion. In fact, sometimes a champion can feel better about the achievement than the champion.

A champion is a person who does his or her best to achieve a difficult goal. It is exceeding your expectations and pushing yourself to the limit. It is being happy and proud of your achievement.

A person who finds something new in a science experiment is a champion. The student who finally understands a difficult scientific concept can feel like a champion. The teacher whose students all do well in the science test is a champion.


The ways to achieve your goals and feel like a champion are to:

  1. Have an idea of what you want or need to do
  2. Get others to root for you
  3. Follow the 5 Powers of a Champion
  4. Celebrate your successes or re-evaluate and try a different tact.
  5. Give thanks by helping others succeed

Great idea

You have to know what it is you want to achieve and have an idea of how to do it. Perhaps you need to understand some difficult concept, and you have an idea of looking for explanations on the Internet. Or maybe you want to do well and even win a science fair. So you get an idea of a cool experiment to demonstrate.


It is possible to achieve a goal by yourself, but it is usually better to get some help or even moral support. If you have someone rooting for your success, it makes the victory all that more sweet.

5 Powers

The 5 Powers of a Champion are to try to be healthy, knowledgeable, excellent, and valuable, as well as to have character.

Health and vitality

You need to be in good condition to perform with vitality and at your best. You should make every effort to be physically, mentally and spiritual healthy. It is difficult to achieve your goals if you are sickly, lack energy or have your senses dulled with drugs. It is difficult to think if you lack confidence, have emotional problems or just aren't alert. Instead, try to be in the best shape, so that you have the vitality to perform well.

Knowledge and confidence

Certainly, you should read and study your science lessons. But also, you should be curious and observant to notice the scientific principles in action. Wonder about things and ask, "Why?" Having knowledge and the skill to apply that knowledge gives you the feeling of confidence. You can achieve much more when you feel confident. Others will notice this air about you.

Excellence and pride

You always want to do your best. Be proud of what you do. Nothing makes you feel better than to be able to step back and admire your work. But also, others will admire you and your work.

Value and motivation

You need to be motivated by the value of what you hope to achieve or receive. But also, you need to motivate others to help you by providing them with what they would like.

Character, honesty and determination

You need courage to achieve a difficult goal, especially if other know what you are trying to do. Also, in everything you do, you should be honorable and honest. Winning by cheating is no victory. Rather it is a loss in character. People judge others by their character more than any other factor.


If you achieve your goal, celebrate. This is when you feel like a champion. In fact, celebrate every little success along the way. That will give you more confidence.

If you suffer a setback, and it doesn't look like you will achieve your goal, take a step back to re-evaluate the situation. Make some adjustments and try again.

Give thanks

Give thanks for your achievement, especially to those that helped you. And don't forget to give back by helping others succeed in their efforts. Champion their causes.

Why bother?

Becoming a champion in science will result in feeling confident and good about yourself, in getting better grades and in gaining the respect and admiration of others. If you accomplish that goal, you will stand head and shoulders above the majority of people.

Your time here on Earth is limited, so why not make the most of it and be a champion? That is what it is all about.


To excel and become a Champion in science and in school:

  1. Have an idea of what you want or need to do
  2. Get others to root for you
  3. Follow the 5 Powers of a Champion
  4. Celebrate your successes or re-evaluate and try a different tact.
  5. Give thanks by helping others succeed

Do this and you will feel like a champion.

Helping others can also help yourself

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