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DC and AC Electricity Resources

by Ron Kurtus (revised 1 July 2016)

The following material are websites and books that can be used for further study in the area of direct current (DC) and alternating current (AC) electricity.


General electricity


Electric Charge - Overview of charges, including history, from Wikipedia free encyclopedia

How Electricity Works - Animated guide

What is Electricity? - Overview of subject from electric engineer

Electric charge and Coulomb's law - From Boston University lecture notes

Basic Electronics Tutorials - Tutorials on various electronics topics from the UK


Top-rated books on Basic Electricity

DC electricity


DC Circuit Examples - Diagrams from Hyperphysics

DC Circuits - Department of Physics, University of Guelph

Direct Current description - Simple illustrations of DC

Electricity - Difference between AC and DC


Top-rated books on DC Electricity

AC electricity


Alternating Current - Overview of AC

Electric Generator - AC or DC - Java animation of generator (may take a long time to load)


Top-rated books on AC Circuits

Top-rated books on Electric Power Generation

Top-rated books on AC Transformers



A Little History About Ohm - Short history

Ohm's Law - Explanation, including an Ohm's Law calculator

Basic Electric Laws - Includes circuit theory

Electric Circuit Formulae - High level equations for problem solving

Electric Grounding- Information on grounding systems for buildings


Top-rated books on Basic Circuit Design

World voltages


Plug, socket & voltage by country -

Mains electricity by country - Wikipedia

Utility frequency - Wikipedia

Guide to International Travel With Electric Appliances - Good information from Lewis N. Clark

World Electricity Standards - Plug and socket types

Home wiring


Wiring Your Home - Do-It-Yourself site

Wire It Yourself


Top-rated books on AC Home Wiring

Top-rated books on AC Home Wiring

The Complete Guide to Home Wiring by Black & Decker; Creative Publishing International; (2001) $24.95 - How to do electric repairs, improvements, and wiring and rewiring projects



This list will be growing in the future. Links to specific subject will also be included on the subject page. If you have some good Electricity links, let us know about them.

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