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Mini-Quiz: Making Sounds with Musical Instruments

by Ron Kurtus

Take this Mini-Quiz to check your understanding of the lesson material.

1. How does a piano create music?

A hook plucks a string when you push the key down

A small hammer strikes a string when you push the key down

The piano key makes a noise when you push on it

2. Where does an electric guitar use resonance?

Only an acoustic guitar uses resonance

The electronics amplify through a resonant cavity

The loudspeaker bodies add amplification with resonance

3. Why do some people sound better when they sing?

Their voices produce a good combination of the right pitches

They know the words to the songs

They are able to sing louder by trying harder

If you got all three correct, you are on your way to becoming a Champion in Physics. If you had problems, you had better look over the material again.

Listen carefully

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Musical Instruments - From the high school Physics Classroom

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