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by Ron Kurtus

A total of 189 comments and questions have been sent in. They are listed according to date.

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Sound Waves Can sound waves travel through objects? USA
Sound Echoes Using echo to measure speed of sound Ghana
Sound Echoes What sound frequencies are used by animals that use echoes? Canada
Sound Waves Inside a loud speaker USA
Sound and Obstacles Neighbor blasts loud music non-stop Canada
Sound Waves Polarizing sound in a bulk solid Nigeria
Noise Cancellation Could noise cancellation stop tinnitus? USA
Sound Waves Can sound be compressed into matter? USA
Sound Creation Create sound for homing pigeons UK
Sound Waves Calculate the speed of sound South Africa

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Can sound waves travel through objects?

Topic: Sound Waves


May 27, 2015

Can sound waves travel through objects

lilly - USA



Yes, besides traveling through air, sound travels through materials and objects. For example, you can hear sound from another room as it passes through the wall. Also, you can hear sound underwater.

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Using echo to measure speed of sound

Topic: Sound Echoes


April 12, 2015

can echo be measure by the velocity of sound?

inusah - Ghana



Echoes are often used to measure the velocity of sound.

If you know the distance to a wall or object and then measure the time it takes the echo to reach you after sending out a sound, you can calculate the speed of sound.

In this case: v = 2d/t, where d is the distance to the wall. 2d is used because the sound goes to and back.

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What sound frequencies are used by animals that use echoes?

Topic: Sound Echoes


March 23, 2015

please help to answer grade 4 science question:
what sound frequencies are used by animals that use echoes?

Gitana - Canada



Bats and some whales are a few animals that use echolocation to find prey.

Bats use frequencies that range from 14,000 Hz to well over 100,000 Hz. Humans can only hear between 20 Hz to 20,000 Hz. Thus, some humans can hear the lower frequency chirps of some bats.

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Inside a loud speaker

Topic: Sound Waves


March 16, 2015

why is the inside of aloud speaker covered with a cotton material




The speaker cone of a loud speaker is usually made of a paper material, so that it easily vibrates and created the sound.

If the loud speaker is enclosed in a box, sometimes a cotton material is inside, so that the sound waves are not reflected, causing an echo.

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Neighbor blasts loud music non-stop

Topic: Sound and Obstacles


February 25, 2015

I have this neighbor kid, who non stop for 10 months now has been pounding his powerful sound system thru my house. this has caused me health problems and I had to move. the police have been in their house and told me they have gigantic speakers angled at my place, only a few feet between homes. the kid turns the sound off and pounds the treble, bass and with low frequency cd's he's downloaded or whatever crap and continuously cranks it. do have any advice what to do in this situation. the police seem to helpless.

- Canada



I'm sorry to hear that you've had such a hassle with the neighbor's loud noise. Although it may not change things, but it is worth talking to him and his parents about the loud noise. Sometimes people don't realize such loud noise affects other people.

I find it surprising that the police can't do anything about it. I know that in most communities, excessive noise from a barking dog can result in a fine. I would assume there is some law in your community about excessive noise from music. Perhaps the police don't want to bother. It would be worthwhile checking with city representatives about laws on excessive noise.

Another route is to talk to a lawyer to see if any action can be taken to stop the noise--like a lawsuit.

So, first try talking to the people, then check to see what laws are being broken, and finally as a last resort look into some legal action.

Best wished on solving your problem, There is no reason to have someone disrupt your life with excessive noise.

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Polarizing sound in a bulk solid

Topic: Sound Waves


December 26, 2014

how can sound be polarized in bulk solid explain

- Nigeria



Polarization is normally restricting the direction of a transverse wave to one direction. Since light is a transverse wave, it can be polarized. Sound in air is a longitudinal wave (or pressure wave) that moves back and forth. Thus it cannot be polarized in the normal sense.

However, sound waves in a bulk solid can be be both transverse and longitudinal. The transverse motion relates to the direction of the shear stress and displacement in directions perpendicular to the propagation direction. The combination of transverse polarization and longitudinal polarization is important in seismology and the study of earthquakes.

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Could noise cancellation stop tinnitus?

Topic: Noise Cancellation


September 30, 2014

Is it possible that this technology could be used to relieve tinnitus
(ringing in the ear)?

Wayne - USA



Noise cancellation only cancels external sounds, while tinnitus is an internal effect with the inner ear.

See our lesson on Tinnitus for some background information and possible remedies.

Best wishes on getting relief from this problem.

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Can sound be compressed into matter?

Topic: Sound Waves


September 4, 2014

Can sound be compressed into matter?

Curtiss - USA



Sound waves are moving vibrations within matter. sound van be used to compress matter but not be compressed into matter.

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Create sound for homing pigeons

Topic: Sound Creation


July 10, 2014

I would like to create a 5 hz sound wave of (maybe high strength) as a sound beacon for pigeons to home in on from say 40 miles away. As you must be aware this would be inaudible to humans but quite easy for pigeons to pick up. Does this sound possible to yourselves, any advice would be gratefully received. Pigeon losses for the last 18 months have been high across uk and I believe mobile masts are contributing, 4g is being rolled out now at a higher strength than than 3g or 2g and anything that could help the birds navigate would be a bonus.Martin

martin - UK



Homing pigeons seem to use Sun orientation and the Earth's magnetic fields as primary ways to navigate. But also studies indicate they use low frequency infrasound to help navigation.

The BBC News article Racing pigeon losses baffle fanciers gives some reasons for losses of pigeons.

There are some signal generators that could be used, but 5 Hz may be tough to attain. I can't suggest any specific generator to do the job.

Best wishes with finding out the source of the problem.

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Calculate the speed of sound

Topic: Sound Waves


June 11, 2014

What is the phenomenon used to calculate the speed of sound and what is the general formula?

- South Africa



See Speed of Sound in a Gas for the general formula. Unfortunately, the formula for the speed of sound in a liquid or a solid is more complex.

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