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Static Electricity Resources

by Ron Kurtus (revised 1 July 2016)

The following material consists of websites, books, and other resources on static electricity.


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Triboelectric Series - Lisiting of materials from

Triboelectric effect - Wikipedia

Triboelectric Charging of Common Objects - Applications from the University of Rochester

Background of Triboelectric Effect - Harvard University


Static Electricity Generator with PVC Pipe - Simple generator


Electrostatic voltmeter - Wikipedia


Humans and Sparks - Preventing painful static sparks


What Causes Lightning? - Weather Questions website

Lightning Voltages - Hypertextbook website

Lightning protection

Fundamentals of Lightning Protection

Lightning Protection for Buildings - PDF file

Invention of the Lightning Rod - The Great Idea Finder

Lightning Protection System - Wikipedia

Lightning Rod - Wikipedia

Lightning Rod Improvement Studies - Journal of Applied Meteorology

Protecting Airplane in a Storm


Electrostatic Precipitators


Static electricity products availalble through


Wimshurst Electrostatic Generator - $69.95

American Educational Van De Graff Generator - $192.95


Ginsberg Scientific 7-510 Leyden Jar - Separable - $16.19

American Educational 3 Piece Separable Leyden Jar Set - $11.25

Shock protectors

Static Shock Key Rings - From


Electrostatics: Exploring, Controlling and Using Static Electricity by A. D. Moore; Laplacian Pres (1997)

Homemade Lightning: Creative Experiments in Electricity by Richard Ford; McGraw-Hill/TAB Electronics (2001)

Top-rated books on Electrostatics

Top-rated books on Lightning Protection


If you know of any other good resources, let me know about them.

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