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by Ron Kurtus

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Heat Transfer Why does convection require the flow of atoms? USA
Heat Why isn't total heat converted to work? India
Heat Tell me about thermal runaway reactions UK
Thermal Insulation Insulating the roof India
Thermal Insulation Need to make glove that insulates heat South Africa
Heat Transfer with Hot Coffee Holding a liquid at 530 degrees F USA
Thermal Energy How does mass affect thermal energy? Canada
Heat Transfer This is awesome USA
Heating a Greenhouse Wants to use greenhouse illustrations USA
Heat Why doesn't the temperature get in equlibrium with the Sun? Pakistan

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Why does convection require the flow of atoms?

Topic: Heat Transfer


October 31, 2012

Why does convection require the flow of atoms?

By the way, I really like this website




By definition, convention consists of the flow or circulation of a gas or liquid in order to move energetic atoms from one area to another. Once the warm atoms come in contact with a solid surface, the heat is transferred by conduction.

PS: I'm glad you like the website.

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Why isn't total heat converted to work?

Topic: Heat


October 20, 2012

why doesn't the total heat can be converted to work ?

ankit - India



Heat is usually converted to work by some device, like an engine. However, some of the heat energy is lost to friction, radiation, and conduction.

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Tell me about thermal runaway reactions

Topic: Heat


September 24, 2012

Sir, I was wondering if you might write a page / tell me about thermal runaway reactions?

- UK



A thermal runaway reaction is one where the chemical, atomic or electrical event feeds back on itself, thus increasing to the danger point.

In chemistry, thermal runaway when an exothermic reaction goes out of control, often resulting in an unwanted explosion.

In an atomic reactor, thermal runaway is most often caused by failure of the reactor vessel's cooling system.

I will try to add more material on the subject on the website soon.

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Insulating the roof

Topic: Thermal Insulation


August 30, 2012

plz can you information about
1 how will be complete process to thermal insulation of roof?
2 which materials we can used?
3 what is the advantage ?

Rakesh - India



On the outside of the roof, materials need to resist and protect from rain and insulate from outside heat. Asphalt roofing insulates from the cold, but it gets hot in the sun.

Inside the roof, you should have layers of loose insulation. Some use paper or cotton products, but they must be made fire resistant.

Good insulation inside the roof can reduce the house temperature in the summer and keep in heat in the winter.

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Need to make glove that insulates heat

Topic: Thermal Insulation


August 28, 2012

Hallo. I am in grade 7 and we have to make a glove that will insulate heat. Any ideas?


Nadia - South Africa



A glove that a person wears in cold weather usually is made of several layers of insulating material such as wool or cotton. Likewise a similar type glove can insulate and protect you from heat.

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Holding a liquid at 530 degrees F

Topic: Heat Transfer with Hot Coffee


June 20, 2012

wondering if you know what type of cup, styrofoam, paper, or cardboard (like an oatmeal container) cup would hold a liquid of 530 degrees farenheit with out breaking down. You know hold that temperature till the liquid cooled on its own. Not concerned about keeping the heat, just want to know what type of material will hold up to that temperature with out breaking down at all.

Many thanks!

Cari - USA



Paper and cardboard products ignite at around 450 deg F. Styrofoam starts to melt at 460F.

It might be best to use a metal container.

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How does mass affect thermal energy?

Topic: Thermal Energy


April 26, 2012

How does mass affect thermal energy?

- Canada



The thermal energy of an object is the total kinetic energy of all its atoms and molecules. Increasing the mass can increase the total thermal energy provided that mass is at the same or greater temperature as the original object.

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This is awesome

Topic: Heat Transfer


December 20, 2011

this is awsome




I'm glad you like it.

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Wants to use greenhouse illustrations

Topic: Heating a Greenhouse


November 30, 2011

Good afternoon Mr. Kurtus,

I work at Oxbow Meadows Environmental Learning Center in Columbus, Georgia. I'm trying to make some interpretative signs for our gardens one of which is on how a greenhouse works. I was wondering if you would grant me permission to use your greenhouse illustrations for an educational sign here at the center?

Thank you for your consideration.

Alicia Garcia
Staff Naturalist

Alicia - USA



Yes, feel free to use the illustrations.

Best wishes with your Environmental Learning Center. Let us know about the goals and progress of the center.

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Why doesn't the temperature get in equlibrium with the Sun?

Topic: Heat


November 5, 2011

sir i have a question ,why temperature of not get equlibrium with sun?

owais - Pakistan



Although the Sun heats the Earth, much of its radiation is reflected--especially from the oceans. Of the energy that does heat the Earth, a part of it is re-radiating in to space. These two factors keep the Earth from not becoming in thermal equilibrium with the Sun.

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