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Feedback Comments on Thermal Energy

by Ron Kurtus

A total of 376 comments and questions have been sent in. They are listed according to date.

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Heat Transfer Does heat trasnfer through a wall? USA
Heat Best company for solar system in home in India? India
Thermal Insulation Is sawdust a better heat insulator than cotton? Malaysia
Heat Transfer with Hot Coffee Coffee lid leaks if not put on properly USA
Temperature Fixed points for thermometer Namibia
Temperature What is the value of absolute zero? India
Heat Heating skating rinks Canada
Thermal Energy Relationsip between thermal energy and sensible energy? India
Thermal Insulation Make a house with a roof that deflects heat UAE
Thermal Insulation Why isn't an emitter of visible light white? Bangladesh

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Does heat trasnfer through a wall?

Topic: Heat Transfer


November 2, 2011

How Do You Say That Heat Cant Transfer through a wall????

Mj - USA



Heat does transfer through walls. However, walls are constructed of materials that usually transfer heat very slowly, such that it is not noticeable. It takes a long time for heat or cold to transfer through a thick concrete wall. Air gaps an insulation also are used to slow down and diminish the heat transfer.

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Best company for solar system in home in India?

Topic: Heat


September 21, 2011

Dear sir,
Kindly please tell which company is better producer of solar system for a home product.Give web site and mail id.


FALGUN - India



I can't tell which company is the best, but for a listing, see: Solar Home Systems.

A good article on solar energy for the home in India is Solar Energy for Home Electricity, not enough?.

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Is sawdust a better heat insulator than cotton?

Topic: Thermal Insulation


September 15, 2011

Is sawdust a better heat insulator than cotton?

wuilee - Malaysia



Although sawdust can be an insulator, because wood particles do not transmit heat well, the problem is that the sawdust particles can be closely packed, while cotton fibers have a lot of air between them. For that reason, cotton is usually a better insulator that sawdust.

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Coffee lid leaks if not put on properly

Topic: Heat Transfer with Hot Coffee


June 14, 2011

Thanks for the lesson. I've also noticed that the coffee lid leaks unless you have the lid's hole turned away from the cup's seam. (Possibly the seam acts as an air vent if the barista puts it on without thinking and you don't catch it?) Also, is it my imagination or is the cup more likely to leak if you take the lid off and then put it back on?





That is an interesting observation. If the hole was by the seam, it could cause some coffee to leak out when you drink. Also, the gap could cause some of the hot air in the cup to leak out, cooling the coffee slightly faster.

If you take the lid off and snap it back on, the soft cup material may give a little, and the seal may not be as good as the first time the lid is placed on.

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Fixed points for thermometer

Topic: Temperature


May 23, 2011

Melting ice and boiling water act as two fixed points.Explain how you would use these fixed points to calibrate a thermometer in order to determine the temperature of a hot liquid?

Gehas - Namibia



See our lesson on Temperature Scales for an explanation.

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What is the value of absolute zero?

Topic: Temperature


May 12, 2011

What is the value of absolute zero?

Dhiraj - India



Absolute Zero is 0 Kelvin or -273 degrees C.

See Temperature Scales for more information.

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Heating skating rinks

Topic: Heat


April 10, 2011

Information how this is efficent in skating rinks or arenas

mel - Canada



A problem in arenas is that warm air rises, thus making it difficult to have uniform heat. Unless there is good circulation, heating an arena can be inefficient. In a skating rink, you want the cool air to be near the floor. Also, a skating rink is not heated much.

Infrared heating is often used to heat spectators in skating rinks.

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Relationsip between thermal energy and sensible energy?

Topic: Thermal Energy


March 1, 2011

sir, please tell me , what is the relation between thermal energy and sensible energy?

naveen - India



Sensible energy or sensible heat has as its sole effect a change of temperature.

This is compared to a latent energy exchanged that is hidden and cannot be observed as a change of temperature. For example, during the melting of ice, the temperature of the system containing the ice and the liquid is constant until all ice has melted.

Thermal energy is the motion of atoms and molecules that results in the change of temperature.

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Make a house with a roof that deflects heat

Topic: Thermal Insulation


February 14, 2011

How can I make house that defect heat from entering the house through the roof? This is a just great six project so please make it simple for me thanks.

Sumayah - UAE



The sun shining on the roof of a house can be a source of heat within the house. Taking the roof of the house white will reflect much of the sunlight and allow the inside to be cooler. Also, the rules material can insulate the house from the outside temperature.

A shiny metal roof will reflect more sunlight but can also allow heat from the outside air to pass through it.

You can make a model house out of a box and shine a hot lamp on it. Then put a thermometer inside it to measure what type of roof works best.

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Why isn't an emitter of visible light white?

Topic: Thermal Insulation


January 24, 2011

the sun is a black body. it emits all EM waves. so the earth is heated and we see the sun white. a black body emits all EM waves if heated as the case with a lamp black. will we see a lamp black turned into white as it will emit all EM waves including all visible light wave. if a material emits all visible light wave it should look white. Please make me clear.

md.Tanzil - Bangladesh



when you heat an object, such as metal from a lamp or stove, it will first appear as its natural color, even though you can feel the heat from the object. That heat is infrared radiation. As the object becomes hotter, it will be a dark red color, which is a combination of red visible light and infrared radiation.

As the metal gets hotter, it will change to yellow and finally to what is called a "white hot" color. Note that the sun is not white, but rather it is a bright yellow color. It is a mixture of all colors, but there is more emphasis on the yellow than on some of the other colors.

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