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by Ron Kurtus

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Waves and Obstacles What is a standing wave? USA
Wave Motion If the wave speed is doubled Gilgit-Baltistan
Wave Motion Velocity and time of waves Zambia
Waveform Noise Thinks someone is creating electrical noise USA
Waveform Noise Trying to reduce AC electrical line noise India
Waves How are waves used for communicating information? UK
Wave Motion Why is light considered a transverse wave? India
Wave Motion What is a wave? India
Wave Motion Confused about water waves USA
Wave Motion Similarities between regular and irregular reflection? India

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What is a standing wave?

Topic: Waves and Obstacles


February 25, 2011

Hi, my name is krishna, working on a science project and i want to know does does a standing wave mean and what does resonance mean? i would like to know as fast as possiable

krishna - USA



A standing wave is also known as a stationary wave. It is a wave that remains in a constant position, usually because it is going back-and-forth. An example is a pipe organ or when you blow across a bottle that is partially filled with water. If the sound wavelength is that of the bottle, a standing wave is formed. The sound will then build up and resonate or oscillate with a larger amplitude.

I hope that helps. Best wishes for success in your project.

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If the wave speed is doubled

Topic: Wave Motion


February 4, 2011

Q1. if the of of a wave is double, while the frequency remain the sasme, what happen to the wavelength?

ijlal - Gilgit-Baltistan



Speed of the wave = wavelength X frequency or wavelength = frequency/speed.

Thus, if the speed is doubled, while the frequency stays the same, the wavelength will be 1/2.

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Velocity and time of waves

Topic: Wave Motion


November 15, 2010

the wavelength of the waves produced by a vibrator of a frequency of 10hz is 2cm.
(a) what is the velocity of the waves?
(b)how long do they take to travel 150cm?

wizbon - Zambia



The speed or velocity of a wave is the frequency times the wavelength. Thus the velocity of the indicated waves would be 20 cm per second.

Time equals distance divided by velocity. You should be able to figure out the time it would take.

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Thinks someone is creating electrical noise

Topic: Waveform Noise


June 7, 2010

Is it possible to "soup" up the noise coming from your normal electricity output using motors, or an op amp ?? Or just by strategically hooking up little speakers (any kind of speakers, like from earphones, old cellphones, whatever) to electric equipment currently running? Seriously -- I believe my ex is weirder (or smarter) than I thought but I need some help fast!

Christine - USA



Electricity coming from your AC outlet normally has some noise included. Most devices can filter out most of the noise. However, it is possible to add noise to the electrical output by the use of motors or induction. The noise or static may disrupt some equipment. On some older television sets, you can see the static across the screen.

You can call the electric company to have them check for excessive noise in your electrical line. It may be caused by some improper grounding or possibly by somebody doing some mischief. If your electric company does not provide that service, you might have to check with an electrician, explaining your problem and asking if he can't help find the source.

Best wishes on getting rid of the electrical noise.

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Trying to reduce AC electrical line noise

Topic: Waveform Noise


June 4, 2010

hi i have completed recently diploma in electronics n communication, now i have one idea, a type of box which genrate reaquired ac voltage of 230v nd 50hz, but i have one doubt how to design ac filter nd how to remove the noise, but i know the dc filter, i am requesting u please help me how to design ac filters & remove noise, and concept of it, because i have to make my country very powerfull in field of weapons, and solve economical problem in my country and other country to solve eclectrical problem,

naveen - India



Check these websites for information and diagrams:

I hope that helps.

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How are waves used for communicating information?

Topic: Waves


April 28, 2010

how are waves used to allow us to communicate information.

zaydee - UK



Variations in the wavelength and amplitude of the waves are used to communicate information. For example, the different tones and amplitudes of sound in spoken words provides information to the listener. Likewise, the different wavelengths and intensities of light allow us to read and see images.

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Why is light considered a transverse wave?

Topic: Wave Motion


April 8, 2010

transverse waves can propagate only in solids and liquids but light is considered as transverse wave why?

- India



Transverse waves in solids and liquids are vibrations of the atoms or molecules within the material. However, light consists of transverse oscillations of electric and magnetic fields. Although the electromagnetic waves can affect matter, they are not a function of the motion of the matter.

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What is a wave?

Topic: Wave Motion


March 1, 2010





A wave is a regular back-and-forth or up-and-down motion that is often seen in materials. The best example of wave motion are water waves. Closely examine water waves in a pond or pool, and you will see their form and how they move.

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Confused about water waves

Topic: Wave Motion


January 12, 2010

Greetings, I am trying to learn about the difference between sound waves and water waves on your site. In one place you say that water waves are transverse waves, but then under examples of waves, you put water waves under circular waves with the example of a stone dropping into a pond creating ripples. This has me confused. I will try to find out more on other websites, but I thought you'd be interested to know that I got stuck. Otherwise, I found your site to be very helpful and interesting. Much thanks!

Ann - USA



The top surface of a water wave appears as a transverse wave. However, under the surface, the water moves in a circular motion. The difficulty is that water is a three-dimensional fluid. A guitar string can be truly transverse, but a fluid will have other motions involved.

Thanks for pointing out the confusion. I'll try to clarify the material.

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Similarities between regular and irregular reflection?

Topic: Wave Motion


December 12, 2009


RUMELA - India



Regular refection is when the reflecting surface is smooth. Irregular reflection is when the surface is rough or diffuse. The laws of reflection hold for both surfaces, however the irregular surface can be considered to be made up of a large number of small planar reflecting surfaces positioned at slightly different angles.

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