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Wave Motion Resources

by Ron Kurtus (updated 27 April 2022)

The following material consists of websites, books, and other resources on wave motion.


Following are reference websites on waves and wave motion:

Longitudinal and Transverse Wave Motion - Pennsylvania State University

Wave Motion -

Ocean Waves -

Waves and Wave Motion -

Waves Chapter Outline -

Wave - Wikipedia

Waves and Obstacles -


Following are reference books on wave motion. These books can be purchased from your local bookstore or through

Physics of Waves by William C. Elmore and Mark A. Heald; Dover Publications (1985) - Classic book

Almost All About Waves by John R. Pierce; Dover Publications (2006)

The Wave Watcher's Companion: Ocean Waves, Stadium Waves, and All the Rest of Life's Undulations by Gavin Pretor-Pinney; Perigee Trade (2011) - Excellent book

Top-rated books on Wave Motion


If you know of any other good resources, let me know about them.

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