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Understanding Security

by Ron Kurtus (updated 17 March 2023)

Security is the protection against theft, property damage and personal harm. It is important for individuals, companies, and governments. They must be aware of potential threats and make preparations to protect themselves and their property through effective security measures.

There is need for people who can effectively provide security to others, including individuals, companies and corporations, and nations and countries. Your knowledge and skills in this area can help advance your career or improve your business.

The purpose of these free online lessons is to give you a start at understanding security measures.

Security Contents

Basics of security

Purpose of Security Lessons

What is Security?

The Need for Security

Theory of Security

Reasons for Attacks

Personal security

Personal Security

Security Against Muggers

Identity Theft (coming soon)

Personal property security

Personal Property Security

Automobile Security

Home Security

Business property security

Business Property Security

Company Access Control

Access Control Levels

Controlling Access with Biometrics

Other types of security

Airline Security (coming soon)

National Security

Online Security

Security Against Terrorist Attacks


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