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by Ron Kurtus (updated 23 November 2022)

There are people with evil intentions who may want to harm you or your family. The harm is usually physical injury, but it may also be emotional harm or injuring your reputation. You must be aware of potential threats and take security measures to inhibit such people from achieving their goals.

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Motivations for attack

Knowing the motivations of the criminally-minded person who may attack you personally is important in preparing your defenses for such an attack.

The reasons another person may want to harm you or your family can be classified as to:

Gain revenge or in anger

Some people will try to harm another out of anger or revenge. This is usually a personal matter and may be anger over an argument, revenge for some past event, or jealousy.

Get money

There are some cases where a criminal is paid to murder or harm another person, but most situations are where a person gets harmed as a part of a robbery. The intention of the robber was to get money, but the person just happened to be in the way or could possibly provide identification.

Muggers often pick on people who look clumsy or unaware. They may harm the person as part of the mugging.

Affect organization

There are times when a person is harmed because he or she is part of a company, organization or country. In this situation, the is to harm the organization by harming one of its members.

Examples include a terrorist who wants to kill innocent people or an assassin who wants to kill some important person.

Types of harm

People need to be protected from others wanting to do them harm. That harm may be physical, emotional, financial, or even damage to the person's reputation.


A person may want to cause physical harm, such as beating, injuring, or even killing another person.

Many acts of violence occur as a result of an argument--especially when alcohol or illegal drugs are involved. Other examples of revenge include an estranged husband who wants to get back at his ex-wife and a crazed worker who wants to kill people at his workplace.

Physical harm can also be the result of a robbery or for political reasons. 

Usually, the person who is angry will do the harm, although there are cases where assassins have been hired to do the dirty work.


Someone may wish to harm another person emotionally by threatening loved ones, creating an atmosphere of terror, or other means.

Jealousy and revenge are often motives to try to hurt another person emotionally, although there are some people who do this to their spouse or children for no apparent reason but to dominate.


A person may want to inflict financial hardship on a rival by destroying or taking  property, by ruining a business or job, or other devious means. This is different than a robbery by an unknown assailant.

Revenge may be the main reason for such an attack.


Someone may wish to damage your reputation through spreading false rumors and such. There are also strangers who may steal your identity and harm your financial reputation.

Security steps

The steps to defend against personal attacks are:

Physical attack

The main problem concerning being personally attacked is not being aware you are in danger. Often people never suspect that someone want to harm them. For most people, it is sufficient to avoid dangerous areas and to have some sort of contingency plan if some madman attacks.

A person who knows his life is in danger can plan for his or her personal security. The obvious cases are dignitaries who have armed security guards and who wear bullet-proof vests when they go out in public.

What are things to do to reduce the risk of being physically attacked?

Emotional attack

You must protect what is dear to you and be prepared for such an attack, especially if you have enemies or know of people who wish to harm you.

What should you do when emotionally attacked? Don't accept such an attack. Fight back.

Reputation attack

It is probably the most difficult to know that someone is attacking your reputation, since it may be a very subtle attack.

One important thing is to know who your potential enemies are, especially those who are devious and would gain from having your reputation ruined.

Financial attack

Just like having your reputation tarnished, you need to know who would want to harm your financial situation.

Being aware of your rivals is probably the best defense in such a situation. Also, you must have good security for your property.


There are evil people who may want to harm you or your family through physical injury, emotional harm or damaging your reputation. You must be aware of potential threats and take security measures to inhibit such people from achieving their goals.

Be alert and protect yourself

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