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Theory of Security

by Ron Kurtus (updated 23 November 2022)

Security is the protection of a person, property or organization from attack. The theory of security is to know the types of possible attacks, to be aware of the motivations for attacks and your relationship to those motives.

The security or defense against such a threat is to make it difficult to attack, threaten counter-measures, or make a pre-emptive attack on a source of threat.

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Possible attacks

There are criminally-minded people who may attempt to attack individuals, property or organizations.

Attack on person

An attack on an individual can be to cause physical or emotional harm. It may also be intended to harm a person's reputation or to injure the person financially.

A physical attack may be meant to injure or even to kill the person.

Attack on property

Property and buildings can be damaged or even destroyed in an attack. Another type of attack on property is theft.

Attack on organization

Companies, organizations, governments and countries may come under attack. The effort here is to destroy the structure of the organization or perhaps take it over by force or subterfuge.

Protect yourself

You must protect yourself and provide security against a threat. You must be aware of possible threats, establish an awareness, know the motivations of criminally-minded people and check your vulnerabilities to those motives.


The reasons a criminal would want to attack another person, property or an organization include for financial gain, to get personal revenge, to promote a cause, or simply for kicks or thrills.

By relating the motives of criminal-mined people to your own situation, you can often determine the real threat to your security.


There are situations in which you or your property can be vulnerable to attack. By knowing the possible motivations and using common sense, you can examine the areas in which you may be vulnerable.

Obviously, walking alone on a dark night in a bad neighborhood puts you in risk of harm. There are many places and situations where you are unprotected and vulnerable.

Personal property outside a building is very vulnerable to being stolen. This includes your car. Keeping things out of sight and keeping you car locked are good security measures. Property within a company building can be easily damaged or stolen.

A robber can break into a building through doors and windows. Since those are vulnerable areas, they should be made secure.


You can defend against an attack by having protective mechanisms or security measures in place. Rapid response to an attack is also important. In some cases, a preemptive attack on suspected threats is an appropriate measure.

Make it difficult

The first line of defense against an attack is to make it difficult for your enemies or the criminal-mined person to make the attack.

A thief will find a lock on a door enough to discourage breaking into the building to steal equipment.

The United States has been difficult to attack in a war because of the vast oceans protecting the country from its enemies.

Threaten counter-attack

By displaying the ability to make a strong counter-attack, the criminal-minded people can become discouraged. To make an attack would not be worth the risk.

A mugger will not attack a person walking a large dog. A thief will not seek to break into a building that is protected by armed security guards.

An alarm system in a building or on a car is meant to alert the police to come an arrest the thief.

Countries have armies to fend off any attack by their enemies.

Pre-emptive attack

Sometimes you can attack your enemies before they get an opportunity to attack you.


Security is required to protect a person, property or organization from attack. You need to know the types of possible attacks, to be aware of the motivations for attacks and your vulnerabilities. The security or defense against such a threat is to make it difficult to attack, threaten counter-measures, or make a pre-emptive attack on a source of threat.

Be aware of your surroundings

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