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When You are Deprived of Senses

by Ron Kurtus (updated 18 May 2023)

We need our senses to know what is happening in the world around us. The loss of even one sense can be devastating and greatly affect a person's life.

But many people who have lost a sense learn to cope and even excel. They appreciate what remaining senses they have.

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Deprivation of senses can be punishment

If we are deprived of even one of our senses, we lose much of the experience of life. That is why the worst punishment that can be given to prisoners is not physical punishment, rather it is temporarily depriving the person of communication with others and the outside world. This is usually done through solitary confinement.

Loss of senses make others more sensitive

When someone loses one of their senses, the remaining senses often become more sensitive. This may be to compensate for the loss. It also is because the person must concentrate more one what senses remain.

Blind or deaf people become more sensitive to their remaining senses. Often a blind person can hear things a normal person can't. Their sense of touch is also more acute.

Helen Keller

Helen Keller was both deaf and blind, but her mental capacity and strong will made up for her handicaps. Amazingly, she was able to learn to speak, read and write, despite being unable to see or hear. She was truly challenged in her life, and she met the challenge like a champion.

Appreciate your senses

Too often people become complacent about their senses, such that they take them for granted. They no longer notice the sweet smell of flowers, the beautiful colors around them, pleasant sounds, the smell and taste of good food, the pleasure of warmth on a cold night, or the sensation of touching the soft fur of a pet.


Losing a sense or being deprived of communicating with the outside world can be devastating to a person. People who have lost a sense learn to compensate with their remaining senses. We should appreciate what we have, especially if all our senses are working properly.

Appreciate everything you have

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