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Sensing Spirits

by Ron Kurtus (updated 18 May 2023)

There are people who claim to sense spirits, ghosts or other forms of "unnatural" life. There haven't been as many cases of people sensing spirits as compared to being able to sense future events or other extended senses.

A critical question is whether spirits actually exist or if they are just imagined. Those that seem to experience the presence of spirits do so through dreams or actually seeing and hearing these apparitions.

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Do spirits exist?

The big question is whether spirits actually exist. The extremes in thinking on this subject are either that it is complete hogwash or that there are ghosts and spirits all over the place. The truth is probably someplace in the middle.

Religious views

A very large percentage of the World's population believe that there is some sort of spiritual sense in people that is beyond the physical body and mind. Many of those people believe in some sort of formalized religion with a Supreme Being or God.

Most people believe that everyone has a soul or that there is some universal soul or spirit. Some believe that animals also have spirits. These souls or spirits are thought to exist after the body dies.

Views of scientists

Many scientists do not believe in any sort of spiritual experiences. They believe that if something cannot be proved and verified with repeated experiments, then it must be false. Since sensing spirits happens to a small percentage of the population, many scientists feel that those people are simply imagining things.

On the other hand, there are scientists—such as the great Albert Einstein—who believe that since the Universe is so complex and there are so many dimensions that we even unable to examine, then it is highly possible that there is "something else" out there—perhaps a spiritual sense.

The scientists that do not accept the possibility of spirits existing are very narrow-minded. They may be good in their specialized field, but they have blinders on concerning the complexity and realm of possibilities in this Universe.


There are some professional psychics that stage the presence of spirits for unsuspecting customers hoping to communicate with loved-one that have passed away. They are so convincing in their frauds that the people leave actually thinking they had heard from a spirit.


Certainly there are many things in the world and in life they we do not know about nor do we understand. Enough people believe that there is some spiritual essence that there must be something to it. At the very least, it is possible that there are spirits. We will probably never know for sure one way or the other.

Spiritual experiences

Some people claim to have seen and even heard spirits. It is so difficult to verify this, since it could easily be imagined or even made up.

Religious events

Some people who are devoutly religious have had experiences seeing spirits of dead loved-ones, angels and even God. Bible stories tell of people seeing angels who spoke to them.

Houdini's return

Famous magician Harry Houdini did not believe in spiritualism. To prove his point, he predicted that his spirit would return to visit people after he died. Although he died in 1926, there are still séances being held each October 31 to see if his spirit will return with a message for his followers.

Also, it was thought that Houdini's house became haunted for years after he died. This may have been a publicity stunt to make money off his fame.

Finally, an interesting thing happened just before Houdini died unrepentantly. He had a copper casket made for a magic trick he was going to do. He told his wife that if he dies soon to use the casket to bury him. This was somewhat of a premonition.

Spirits of loved ones

Many people claim to have seen the spirits of their loved ones right after--or even years after--the person died. Often the vision of the loved one occurred in a dream or when the person was dozing off.

It is hard to say if they really saw the person's spirit or if this was just part of a dream, because the person was thinking about their loved one.

Sensing spirits

Seeing a person in a dream that had died really can't be considered sensing a spirit.

People that claim to sense spirits seem to hear noises and the voice of the person. Sometimes they actually see a glow or ghost of the person. In a house that is thought to be haunted, things seemingly move without explanation.

Some people simply get the feeling of the presence of another person or spirit of the person in the room.

The ability of sensing spirits seems to exist somewhere in the person's brain. We can't say that sensing a spirit is not possible, because it is difficult to separate fact from imagination. If enough people report seeing spirits, those experiences can add to the possibility of such a sense.


Many people believe that spirits exist. This includes people who believe in God and a formal religion. Examples of people having spiritual experiences is varied, with some being possible and others doubtful. It is unclear how people sense spirits, and it is an area for further research.

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