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The School for Champions has occasionally been in the news and has won a number of awards.

News items

The Huffington Post newspaper cited the School for Champions as a resource in a 20 August 2008 article about Sen. Barack Obama's presidential campaign: Obama's Rope A Dope.

R.H. Terrell Junior High School in Washington D.C. credited the School for Champions Physical Science lessons in helping them win first place in the 2004 Regional Future City Competition.

We recently presented a seminar Bringing Out the Champion in You at the Wisconsin Prison facility in Milwaukee. It was well received by the inmates and hopefully it will help to turn their lives around.

The Dorothy A. Johnson Center for Philanthropy has selected the School for Champions as one of the best online resources for new foundation staff and is showcased in the onPhilanthropy website for nonprofit professionals.

An article from the School for Champions is included in the February 2004 issue of Executive Excellence magazine.

Dr. Eli H. Newburger of the Harvard Medical School recently contributed articles on honesty and cheating among boys for our Power of Character lessons.

Best-selling author Terry Cole-Whittaker recently contributed the What Integrity Means lesson.

The research model used by the Quality of Life Research Unit at the University of Toronto is similar to the 5 Powers of a Champion model of the School for Champions (See article).

The Canadian Broadcasting System interviewed the School for Champions concerning a feature on Controlling Static Electricity.

A kindergarten teacher at Mariam Boyd School in Warrenton, North Carolina recently contributed a lesson on Dealing with the Death of a Kindergarten Classmate.

The Idaho News Network featured the School for Champions on their radio show "Idaho Today" on August 23, 2002. They recommended the site to their listening audience as a good source of educational information.

The National Inventors Hall of Fame is using the School for Champions as a reference for its inductees.

Educational portal, WebPath Express has designated the School for Champions as an excellent educational resource.

The School for Champions is listed in the book "The 21st Century Teachers' Guide to Recommended Internet Sites" from Neal-Schuman publishers as an excellent teachers' resource.

The National Institute of Oceanography in Donapaula, India is using our optical lens simulations to teach their students.

The New Zealand Department of Conservation used our Succeed in Physical Science lessons to help them with noise suppression problems.

Fanshawe College in London, Ontario, Canada is now using our Succeed in Public Speaking material in their classes.

Thanks from Croatia: "I am an assistant professor in Croatia who feared speaking at the front of a group. Your lesson to Overcome the Fear of Speaking was very helpful and at long last after 30 years I will no longer be petrified by the watchful eyes of my audience."

A section on the Behavior of people and animals includes the simulation of Floys, as mentioned in Scientific American magazine.


The School for Champions won the Golden Web Award for 2003-2004.

Golden Web Award for School for Champions

The School for Champions has been honored by the National Science Teachers Association for our Physical Science lessons.

SciLinks Award for School for Champions

The School for Champions has been honored by StudyWeb as one of the best educational resources on the Web.

StudyWeb Award for School for Champions


We are continually receiving news of how the School for Champions has helped people, as well as awards and kudos.

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