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Educational Model

by Ron Kurtus (updated 31 May 2023)

An educational model is a template of how a school plans to teach their students. It is a combination of a philosophy of education and hands-on application.

The School for Champions uses an educational model that focuses on the whole person through what we call the 5 Powers of a Champion. These powers or important areas of life are health, knowledge, value, excellence and character.

Online lessons provide basic information and are often interactive.

The students are encouraged to follow the Daily Ritual of Champions, where they appreciate their blessings, seek to live an enjoyable and worthwhile life, and help others through championing worthy causes. This service learning empowers students to make positive contributions to their community and develop a strong sense of self-awareness.

Education philosophy

The philosophy of the educational material is to provide understanding of the basic concepts of the subject matter. It is to be used as an introduction or a supplement to further study.

Typical situation

When a person wants to learn a subject, either out of interest or from a school or work assignment, he or she can look up material in an encyclopedia, which gives an overview explanation. Sometimes that explanation is difficult to understand. The person can also look in a textbook, which gives a more thorough explanation and includes exercises. If taking a class, the teacher usually explains much of the material that is in the book.

The problem that I see is that something is missing in both sources. Something is needed for the student to "catch-on" to the material.


My approach is to start with a basic fact and then start 3 typical questions that students would have about that fact, and then answer those questions. The students can then go to see more details, as needed.

One thing I do in my material is that I try to relate it to the student and his or her experiences. This is better than just dumping information or teaching from the perspective of the teacher.

Lesson format

The format of most lessons follows the structure:

  1. State a fundamental principle of the subject or topic
  2. Provide three typical questions students would have concerning that principle
  3. Answer those questions in a simple, direct manner
  4. Summarize the principle
  5. Provide a motivating message
  6. Give a simple quiz to reinforce the information
  7. Provide links to apply the lesson to school, work or life

Some courses include homework exercises and tests of groups of lessons.


The educational philosophy of the School for Champions is to provide basic understanding, character-building messages, and applications of the lesson. We have a distinct format that seems effective to provide that understanding.

This model seems effective. Students and teachers have sent letters of appreciation concerning the lesson material.

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