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Praise and Thanks

People using the School for Champions material often send letters of praise or appreciation for the lessons and course material. It is a great reward to know that the lessons are doing good and influencing people's lives in a positive way.

We've received 925 "Thank You" letters.

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Tutoring students Education USA
Alcohol detox and sleep resource Resources USA
Terrific facts Boarding Older Pet Singapore
Lessons helped me very much Three Lever Classes Kosovo
Page was really helpful Sales USA
Thanks for the derivation Doppler Effect South Africa
I like this site very much General India
Thanks for making this site Three Lever Classes UK
Thanks for another magnificent post History USA
Really helps a lot Web Design USA
Good information for my lecture Machines USA
Thanks so much for the post Character USA
Good resource Physical Science USA
We wanted to say thanks! Animal Health USA
Good information Using Calculator USA

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Tutoring students


May 7, 2018


My name is Eva and I am a high school tutor. I have recently started helping out at the elementary and middle schools as well. A few of the younger students have been looking for help with their science projects. While science is definitely not my strongest subject, pretty much any info is accessible on the Internet! During my web searching, I came upon your web page: . Your page had a lot of super helpful and interesting sites.

I am writing this email to thank you for the great stuff. This is a little random but I also wanted to let you know about this article, that had a ton of great astronomy games for kids. One of my students did his project on the solar system and I found this page while I was looking for resources for him to use. I found this particular article very interesting and a fun resource for anyone learning about space. I know my kids really liked it! I'm not sure if you're updating your page but i think this would fit right in! Either way, I wanted to thank you and tell you to keep up the good work! I hope you have a great day.

Thanks again,

Eva - USA (28545)

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Alcohol detox and sleep resource


April 27, 2018


I wanted to send you a quick message because I love the work you’re doing on your site for Ron Kurtus' School for Champions and it goes hand in hand with some of our current projects. We’re trying to promote awareness of sleep disorders in high-risk populations. My team has been researching the reported rates of sleep disorders in alcoholics in active addiction and recovery, and we’ve found that many alcoholics are not prepared for dealing with insomnia during and after detox.

You can read our findings here:

We'd love your support raising awareness of sleep health. Would you help us share this important information by adding a link to your Mental Health Resources guide.

Thanks so much for your time and consideration.

All the best,

Lucy - USA (28539)

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Terrific facts

Boarding Older Pet

April 19, 2018

Terrific facts, Cheers.

ed - Singapore (28529)

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Lessons helped me very much

Three Lever Classes

March 14, 2018

Hello, your lessons help me very much so I just wanted to thank you with this email

Enis - Kosovo (28474)

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Page was really helpful


February 23, 2018


I was working with sales research for my marketing class when I saw your Sales Resources page. It was really helpful! :)

Thank you and Have a nice day!

Madison Gayle - USA (28453)

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Thanks for the derivation

Doppler Effect

February 19, 2018

Thanks - the derivation for velocity of moving target measured from stationary source using ultrasound was just what I needed.

Neil - South Africa (28445)

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I like this site very much


January 20, 2018

I like this site very much.

Prince - India (28394)

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Thanks for making this site

Three Lever Classes

January 12, 2018

Hey thanks for making this site.

Aidan - UK (28385)

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Thanks for another magnificent post


December 20, 2017

Thanks for another magnificent post. Where else may just anybody get that kind of info in such a perfect manner of writing? I have a presentation next week, and I'm at the look for such information.

Johnf440 - USA (28358)

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Really helps a lot

Web Design

December 4, 2017

Hi there,

I just wanted to say thank you for setting up your page on Web Design Resources. It really helps me a lot and it's very informative!

Best Regards,

Amanda - USA (28344)

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Good information for my lecture


November 28, 2017

Thank you so much for your website on the three classes of levers. I was asked to give a brief lecture on simple machines to a group of homeschoolers. The information and examples were EXACTLY what I was looking for. Short, concise and informative. Have a great day!

Walt - USA (28340)

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Thanks so much for the post


November 8, 2017

Thanks so much for the post on character. Really Great.

J - USA (28314)

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Good resource

Physical Science

September 8, 2017

Hi Ron,

I was checking out your physical science resource page. I really like the Science Master resource! it's perfect timing with the book I'm reading on memory "Moonwalking With Einstein."


Drew - USA (28220)

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We wanted to say thanks!

Animal Health

August 28, 2017

Good Afternoon :)

I'm Katie Vogel, a full time mom and tutor during the summer. I'm reaching out to you because my daughter Peyton is a girl scout and is trying heard to earn her volunteer badge this summer. She's been volunteering at a local animal shelter and helping with some of the pamphlets and adoption events. A lot of it is informational, so she had to do her research. She found your page, . She really enjoyed it - thank you so much for that!

In return, she wanted to share with you this article . It's all about dental health for you pets. This was perfect for us since we didn't know too much about it! She was thinking it would make a great addition to your page, what do you think?

Whether you add it or not - we wanted to say thanks! We learned a lot of great things after reading the resources on your page. If you do decide to add it, please let me know. Peyton would be so excited and would show her fellow scouts too!


Katie - USA (28201)

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Good information

Using Calculator

August 20, 2017

I never knew how to use a calculator other than the basic + - * % =. I wanted to learn and came across your page. The way you explain/teach is so easy to understand and doesn't present with a bunch of hogwash like other things I came across when online. I am going to also explore the other topics you have available. So, I'd just like to say thank you.

pamella - USA (28193)

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