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Be Knowledgeable as a Public Speaker

by Ron Kurtus (updated 24 November 2022)

In your role as a public speaker, it is important that you are both knowledgeable about your subject matter and skilled in speaking techniques.

Your ability to speak effectively is enhanced with knowledge and skill, resulting in greater audience interest. You gain knowledge through study and skill through application of what you learned.

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Knowledge and skill

Being a knowledgeable speaker means you are well informed about subject matters and speaking techniques. A speaker who has insufficient knowledge does not know what he or she is talking about and does not know how to make an effective presentation.

Being skilled in speaking means you have mastered speaking techniques and are able to deliver a speech in an effective manner.

Knowledge and skill are part of the natural progression from good health, excellence, value and honor.

Importance and benefits

It is much easier to give a speech if you thoroughly know the subject matter and are skilled in speaking techniques. Lack of knowledge can result in anxiety and embarrassment. The audience responds better to a knowledgeable speaker.

A speaker who is skillful in platform techniques will know how to deliver a good speech in various circumstances and be able to adjust to unexpected changes. A skilled speaker can often overcome a lack of knowledge through his or her speaking ability.

Confidence, esteem and audience appreciation are some of the rewards from being knowledgeable and skilled.

Become knowledgeable

The way to gain knowledge in your subject matter and speaking techniques is to observe, study and read. Speakers are known to be perceptive observers and readers. There are books and courses on speaking and presentation techniques, as well as those on the various subjects and topics for the speeches.

Toastmasters is a good place to learn speaking techniques and to apply them to improve your speaking skills. Professional speakers can join the National Speakers Association to learn speaking techniques from the pros.

Applying what you have learned and also analyzing the results of your work are also good ways to establish your skills.


The public speaker should be knowledgeable in his or her subject matter and skilled in speaking techniques. Skillful and knowledgeable speaking increases your confidence and results in greater audience interest. You can gain knowledge through study and skill through application of what you learned.

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