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Delivery of Your Persuasive Speech

by Ron Kurtus (updated 24 November 2022)

The delivery of your persuasive speech is as important as the content of your message. Your audience will more likely be persuaded to agree with your views if they perceive you as knowledgeable, sincere, and speaking with conviction and confidence.

Avoid using notes, because it may cause listeners to doubt your sincerity or knowledge.

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Be knowledgeable

You should appear knowledgeable about the subject and be able to present plenty of evidence to support your position and ideas. This will give your audience confidence in what you are saying.

It helps to have a good reputation, based on your past performances, accomplishments and honors. Your audience can be familiar with your qualifications through your introduction, advance publicity or your speech itself.

Have conviction and sincerity

You communicate your ideas with conviction and firmly believe that what you are proposing will truly benefit the audience. Audiences are naturally suspicious of anyone who is trying to change them in any way, so you must make it clear that you have their interests in mind and are not seeking their support for selfish reasons.

Sincerity is a mix of seriousness and honesty. If you do things with sincerity, people will trust you.

Be confident

You need to appear confident in delivering your speech. If you seem timid, the audience will be less likely to accept your ideas. Speak firmly and confidently, and establish direct eye contact with listeners.


It is important that you deliver your persuasive speech in a way that they perceive you as knowledgeable, sincere, and speaking with conviction and confidence. Also avoid using notes, because doing so may cause listeners to doubt your sincerity or knowledge.

Enjoy the applause

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