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Resources for Studying Speeches

by Ron Kurtus (updated 9 February 2022)

The following material consists of useful resources on famous speeches.

Use these resources to help your understanding of the material.


Great speeches summaries

History Place's Great Speeches in History

Chicago Law's Great Speeches - Audios of speeches (Real Audio format)

PBS's Great American Speeches - 80 Years of Political Oratory

History Channel Speech Archives - Excerpts and audio of famous speeches in recent history

Avalon Project of Yale University - Collection of inaugural addresses

Words from the past: Inauguration speech library - CNN collection

Religious sermons

Higherpraise Sermon Outlines - Outlines of religious sermons

Sermon Central - 50,000 Christian sermons

Sermon links - Links to Christian sermon sites

Individuals' resources

Abraham Lincoln

Biography of Abraham Lincoln - From the White House site

Mark Twain

Mark Twain's Speeches

Winston Churchill

Never Give in - Text of speech from the Churchill Centre

Winston Churchill's Speeches - National Churchill Museum

Winston Churchill Speeches and Radio Broadcasts - Internet Archive

Fidel Castro

Castro Speech Database - Embassy of Cuba and Univ. of Texas

Castro Internet Archive

Martin Luther King

Martin Luther King Jr. Papers Project - Stanford University

Jesse Jackson

Jesse Jackson: 1984 Democratic National Convention Address - From American Rhetoric; includes MP3 audio of speech

Address before the Democratic National Convention - From The Pilgramage of Jesse Jackson: PBS Frontline

Speech: The Rainbow Coalition - From Info Please

Ronald Reagan

Forerunner International Campus Newspaper - Speech taken from edited version

Reagan Goes to Moscow - Explanation of historical event

Timeline of Ronald Reagan's Life



Top-rated books on Famous Speeches

Top-rated books on Oratory and Rhetoric


Top-rated books on Abraham Lincoln

Top-rated books on Mark Twain

Top-rated books on Oliver Wendell Holmes


Top-rated books on Winston Churchill


Top-rated books on John F. Kennedy

Top-rated books on Fidel Castro

Top-rated books on Martin Luther King


Top-rated books on Ronald Reagan

Top-rated books on Jesse Jackson


Top-rated books on Bill Clinton


Top-rated books on George W. Bush

Top-rated books on Barack Obama


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