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Consider Occasion for Speech

by Ron Kurtus (29 November 2017)

Before writing a speech or even selecting a topic, you need to consider the occasion for the speech. The occasion or venue usually defines the audence, possible topics, and goals of the speech.

Typical occasions may be informal events, group meetings, or business meetings.

A convention or conference may be the venue for a keynote address. Conventions and organizational gatherings sometimes include an after-dinner speech.

Questions you may have include:

This lesson will answer those questions.

Informal events

Of course, you can practice giving speeches to family and friends. This might include giving a short informal speech at a birthday party or wedding.

If you are taking a Public Speaking course in school, you will often be required to give a speech to the class.

Likewise, in the Toastmasters Club, members have the opportunity to give short speeches to the group.

Organizational meetings

You can give speeches at various organizational meetings.

You may be called upon to give a reading or even a sermon at your church or place of worship.

Business organizations—such as the Kiwanis Club or Lions Club—often have speakers at their luncheons. Business and organizational banquets often include keynote speakers, who can give informational, motivational, or entertaining speeches.

Often, you must seek out organizations that are looking for speakers. In some cases, they may even provide a small payment. Some banquets pay a premium price for a name speaker.

Business presentations

You may be called upon to give a report or presentation at a business meeting or function. Typically, a presentation includes visual effects such as slides or even video. They help guide you through the talk and provide added information for the audience.

Presentations can be given to a small group at work or to a large audience, such as the product releases by Apple.


You can give practice or informal speeches to your family and friends, in a class, or at Toastmasters. Organizations often give opportunities to give a prepared speech. Business presentations usually include visual aids.

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