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End Purpose of a Speech

by Ron Kurtus (1 March 2013)

The end purpose of a speech that you write is the reaction or response that desired from the audience. You can divide the end purposes into three classes: persuasive, informative, or entertaining.

You need to determine what the specific and purpose of the speech is in order to make it effective.

Questions you may have include:

This lesson will answer those questions.

Persuasive speech

A persuasive speech can be inspirational, convincing, or causing action.


An inspirational speech will stimulate the audience or arouse their enthusiasm. Speech is commemorating great events or those given at rallies or pep sessions usually have a stimulating effect on the audience.


A speech with the purpose of convincing people is trying to influence their beliefs or attitudes. Examples of this type of speech are often seen by political speakers who urged their constituents to believe in the principles of the political party. The general and of the speech is simply to seek agreement with the speakers view point.


An actuating speech has an end goal of causing a definite observable response. Quite often this type of speech uses inspiration to stimulate the audience or argument to convince them to take some sort of action.

Informative speech

An informative speech tries to make the audience understand something or to widen the range of their knowledge. This can be seen in a speech that explains how to do something, that provides information, or to create understanding.

This type of speech requires the use of examples and case studies to avoid becoming abstract and dry.

Entertaining speech

With an entertaining speech your goal is to have the audience enjoy themselves. Sometimes the speech may seem informative, but the chief aim is not to create an understanding but rather to entertain the audience.

Typically, humor is used to entertain, but unusual information can quite often serve the same purpose as long as the audience does not have to exert effort to understand the information.


The end purpose of a speech is the reaction or response desired from the audience. there are three major types of end purposes: persuasive, informative, or entertaining.

You need to determine what specific and purpose of your speech is in order to make it effective.

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