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Feedback Q&A on Speech Writing

by Ron Kurtus

Readers have sent in a total of 21 comments and questions on Speech Writing issues. They are listed according to date.

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Write Introduction to Speech Salutation of speech about climate change SA
General No clue where to start speech on laughter Canada
General Running for union delegate office USA
General Suggested resource on speech writing USA
General Suggesed speech writing resource Canada
General Free online course in speech writing Barbados
Three Parts of a Speech Should you start speech with a salutation? Malawi
General Giving saluations to important people in audience Zambia
Basics of Speech Writing Getting a job as a speech writer USA
General 6-year old daughter in a public speaking contest Canada

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Salutation of speech about climate change

Topic: Write Introduction to Speech


April 6, 2016

Salutation of speech talking about climate change

Linda - SA



First of all, address your audience, such as: "Fellow students and Ms. Johnson..."

Then ask a question that will interest the audience and is of concern: "How many of you know the effect climate change has on our food supply? It is a serious problem about which we should all be concerned." You could elaborate a little if you want.

Then give the topic of your speech: "So right now, I will explain the problems we have and propose a possible solution."

I hope that helps. Best wishes with your speech.

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No clue where to start speech on laughter

Topic: General


April 5, 2016

I am writing a speech on laughter and I have no clue where to start.

Rosemarie - Canada



You first need to define your goal or theme for the speech. Is it: the method to create laughter in people? Comparison of different types of laughter? Physical reasons people laugh at things?

Once your pinned down what you want to specifically explain, you can start to outline the speech. However, try to keep things to three points.

A good way to start the speech--as well as to start writing the speech--is with a question, like: "How many of you laugh at people doing silly things? How many laugh at clever insults? There are many reasons people laugh. And that is what I want to talk about today."

I hope that helps. Best wishes in writing your speech.

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Running for union delegate office

Topic: General


March 8, 2016

Hello....I'm currently employment as a Bus Operator at a huge corporation in New Jersey and im condsidering running for The Union
Delegate for the drivers....The person who holds the position now, is very disrespective, rude, and does not know how to talk to us. Things that are confidential, he leaks out. Besides that, his position is a conflict of interest. He is the delegate and one of the depot masters...Others who ran against him, had more knoweledge but lost to him, because of his popularity and was (is) in the position to sway his votes because, he is also in the position to give the drivers overtime. I want to run against him, because i feel that i am cut from a different cloth and a different kind of breed and has a more better caliber...I am a person who cares, i take pride in what i do, im a people person, im mild mannered, i have a different frame of mind and out of 400 drivers, i know at least 350 of them by NAME...I have no problems at work and im well liked by ALL...everyone tells me to please run, because we need a "CHANGE" im writing to you and asking for assistance with my Character Speech..

Thank, you

tyler - USA



Congratulations on running for the Union Delegate position.

I think that in your speech, you should emphasize what you can do for the other workers. It is good to point out that you have integrity, but your character probably should not be the main point. Those that know you certainly know your character and personality.

In your speech, your opening should state why you are talking. Something like: "I'm here to get your votes for the delegate position. You know I have integrity and will work hard for you."

Then in the body of your speech, state three things that the other want to see happen and that you will do. Then summarize the points and ask for their vote.

Take a look at our lessons on Speech Writing to help organize your speech.

I hope that helps. Best wishes for your success.

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Suggested resource on speech writing

Topic: General


January 8, 2016

Hi Ms. Kurtus!

I checked out your site at I linked to your article about Success Stories which I think my readers will enjoy. My site is, which is a free resource website for hundreds of presentation and essay topics. I hope you'll consider linking back if you think my site would be of interest to your own visitors. Here's a sample description:

Speech Topics is dedicated to providing you with the ideas to fuel your passion.

Thank you,

Stephen - USA



Thanks for the resource. I listed it on Speech Writing Resources.

Best wishes with your site.

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Suggesed speech writing resource

Topic: General


October 23, 2015

Hi Ron,

I absolutely love the mission you are pursuing with The School for Champions. Wonderful.

I have a suggestion for your Public Speaking page or your Speech Writing page:

My name is Michael Smith, and I am the founder of SlideHeroes (, an online presentation writing video course for young professionals. I think SlideHeroes would make a great addition to your list of training providers because we take a pretty unique approach to presentation training:

• We are focused on sit-down style presentations, rather than auditorium-style speeches (this is a surprisingly uncommon focus amongst providers in this space)
• We are focused on the creation of the presentation content (story, structure, logic, data), not simply the delivery of it
• We are an online, video based course – allowing students to take the course from their computer and progress at their own pace

I hope you find the suggestion valuable.

Wishing you continued success with The School of Champions.


Michael Smith
Founder, SlideHeroes

Michael - Canada



I tried to check out your website but unfortunately your pop-up offering a free template blocked half the view. Also, there was no way to delete the pop-up unless I filled out the information. That is not good.

I will pass for now.

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Free online course in speech writing

Topic: General


February 24, 2015

I am interesting in doing a free online course in speech writing.

juliet - Barbados



You can go through our lessons at Succeed in Speech Writing to help out. Also, you can practice your writing in the Toastmasters Clubs in Barbados.

Best wishes for success in speech writing and public speaking.

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Should you start speech with a salutation?

Topic: Three Parts of a Speech


May 7, 2014

In introduction, is it recomendable to salute guests or other dignitaries?

Paul - Malawi



Whether you should salute guests and dignitaries often depends on the audience. It certainly is a polite way to start off a speech.

Sometimes, you can start with a dramatic statement, especially if the audience is familiar with you.

Look at the opening remarks of the Famous Speeches. Most U.S. Presidents started with a salute, but some other famous speakers go right into the speech.

One advantage of starting with a salutation is that is allows the audience to get settled and to give you their attention.

Best wishes for success in your speeches.

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Giving saluations to important people in audience

Topic: General


October 2, 2013

Is it really important to observe the order of seniority when saluting to the people and can you please offer examples of good salutations?

Rozesta - Zambia



You want to show respect to important people in your audience. You can study the text of some of the Famous Speeches to get an idea of various salutations.

For example, in U.S. President John Kennedy's Inaugural Address, he sated, "Vice President Johnson, Mister Speaker, Mister Chief Justice, President Eisenhower, Vice President Nixon, President Truman, reverend clergy, fellow citizens."

On the other hand Cuban leader Fidel Castro started his Speech to the UN with, "Mister President, fellow delegates..."

I hope that helps.

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Getting a job as a speech writer

Topic: Basics of Speech Writing


March 2, 2013

Can you get a job as a speech writer?

Rollo - USA



Government officials and business executives often hire speech writers to create their speeches.

Political speech writers often get their positions by working on a candidate's campaign for office.

Executive speech writers are often marketing writers with a company that are chosen to also write speeches.

Needless to say, becoming a professional speech writer is not an easy job to obtain.

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6-year old daughter in a public speaking contest

Topic: General


January 25, 2006

My 6 year old daughter has a public speeking contest coming up in Febuary and she wants to speek about her Dad whom she don't live with and we are wondering how to get started and it has to be 3-5 minutes long. I'm desperate for help.

Deborah - Canada



The most important thing is to pick a topic that is more specific. Just speaking about her dad is too vague. She should write a speech about something like "the great vacation I spent with my dad" or "what my dad and I do on weekends" or something specific like that. It is a lot easier to write about some personal experiences she has had with her father.

She can start off by saying something like, "My dad doesn't live with us anymore, and I really miss him. So right now, I'd like to tell you about something we did together..."

She could also try some ideas with our Aid for Writing a Speech at:

Also see our section on Public Speaking.

Best wishes to her in the contest.

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