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Interrelationship of the Body, Mind and Spirit

by Ron Kurtus (updated 15 March 2023)

Besides looking at your physical and mental health, we also consider spiritual health. It is obvious that you have a physical body and a mind, but most people also believe that humans have a spiritual essence or soul.

With this assumption, there is an interrelationship between the body, mind and spirit.

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A common view is that your body is the physical machine in which you exist. It has certain characteristics, strengths and weaknesses, according to inheritance. Outside forces, such as disease and environment affect the health of your body.

Body and mind

The body and mind are connected by the brain and glands. The brain is the organ that processes information and creates thoughts. Glands provide chemicals and hormones that affect such feelings as emotions. Illness or injury to the brain or glands can create mental illness.


Besides the physical connection, the mind also consists of thoughts that are a result of experiences, input from other people and self-talk. The mind can be considered analogous to computer software.

The environment in which you exist affects the health of your mind. Traumatic experiences, abusive input and negative self-talk can cause mental illness.

Mind and spirit

The mind and spirit are connected by the actions that are the result of thoughts. Negative or evil actions can cause spiritual illness.

Since actions exist after a person dies, it can be said that the mind also exists after death.


Besides the mental connection, the spirit also consists of the essence of God. It is something we cannot explain but what we do seem to feel in our hearts.

It is assumed that the spirit exists forever. Perhaps it is another dimension, beyond time.

Body, mind and spirit

Your time on Earth is a combination of your body, mind and spirit. Actions from your mind exist after your body dies. Your spirit transcends time.


You have a physical body and mind. Most people also believe that humans have a spiritual essence. There is an interrelationship between the body, mind and spirit, such that one can cause illness in the other.

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Interrelationship of the Body, Mind and Spirit

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