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Spiritual Health Factors

by Ron Kurtus (updated 15 March 2023)

You are spiritually healthy in your normal state of being. That means you are naturally good, compassionate and peaceful. To sustain your spiritual health, you must provide your spirit with nutrients and exercise. You must also be in a environment that is spiritually positive.

You can become spiritually unhealthy when you are infected with evil thoughts and feelings. Thus, a major part of spiritual health concerns resisting those attacks and healing its damage.

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Maintaining spiritual health

You are naturally a good, compassionate, spiritual person. Christianity, Judaism and Islam all state that man was created in God's (or Allah's) image. Other religions have similar beliefs. But that spiritual health must be maintained.


Ingesting spiritual nutrition can help you maintain your health. This can include hearing positive and loving messages from others. Some go to a House of Worship for those messages.

But also observing the wonders and beauty of this world can provide you with spiritual nutrition. Appreciating the beauty of Nature can feed your heart. Even the ugliest insect is a wonder to observe and appreciate.

Peaceful meditation is another form of taking in spiritual nutrition. It is not asking your God for something you want, but rather going into solitude to reflect and be thankful for everything you have received.


Just as exercise is essential for a healthy body, so too is spiritual exercise needed to maintain your spiritual health.

This exercise consists of using your spirit. It is getting in touch with your spirit and using it to guide you to perform good deeds, to show love and compassion to others, to be understanding and to seek peace.

You are naturally a good person, so your must exercise that capability.


The environment in which you live is very important in maintaining good spiritual health. The reason is because your environment is the primary source of evil that can infect your spirit. You must be careful to avoid negative and spiritually toxic environments and seek out the positive and the loving.

Threats to spiritual health

Your spirit is constantly under attack from evil forces, both internally and externally. Your spirit or soul has defenses against these attacks, but sometimes they can be overwhelming.

External forces

There are many people who have a form of spiritual infection, who will spread their disease to others around them. Some people become morally depraved and try to lure others into their den. There are even some religious leaders who preach hatred toward those of a different belief.

These various people can pollute your mind and spirit, making your spiritually sick or diseased.

Internal forces

Many seemingly good people have suddenly done something bad or even evil. Afterwards they wonder what ever possessed them to do such a bad or stupid thing. Even ministers, priests and rabbis have turned to stealing or sexual depravity.

It seems like some internal force has polluted their good spirit, making it unhealthy. Explanations range from the evil angel Satan to the weakness of the flesh in humans.

Whatever the source, there are these other forces that can make your spirit unhealthy.

Spiritual healing

Just as a major effort in physical and mental health concerns healing from disease or injury, so too is it a concern in spiritual health.


By realizing you are spiritually unhealthy, you can take steps to get back on the right track.

The common methods to heal your spirit is to be sorry for your acts. Praying and meditation can help the healing process. Being thankful for what you have can also help the healing process. Doing good deeds and trying to make amends for your acts will also help to heal the spirit.

People who are able to cleanse and renew their spirits are often happier than they were when they were simply spiritually healthy by their own nature.

Evil people

But what about the people who seemed to be consumed in evil? What about those who like to be bad, to steal, to harm others, and such?

Such people are similar to those that have a physical disease that may infect others but is not bad enough to stop their own lives. The infamous "Typhoid Mary" was an example of a person who refused to except the fact that she was spreading a disease. Also there are many cases of people who know they have AIDS but still go out and spread the deadly disease to others.

Interestingly enough, these people are not only spreading a physical disease, but they are also spiritually diseased in not being concerned about others.

Some evil people realize the error of their ways and are sorry for their actions. Many will turn to religion or volunteerism to try to make amends for their sins.

But unfortunately, others will go to their graves with their spiritual disease. Most religions believe they will get their just rewards in their next lives.


You are normally spiritually healthy and are naturally good, compassionate and peaceful. To sustain your spiritual health, you must provide your spirit with nutrients, exercise and a positive environment. You can become spiritually unhealthy when you are infected with evil thoughts and feelings. Thus, a major part of spiritual health concerns resisting those attacks and healing its damage.

You are naturally good

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