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Feedback Q&A on Sports

by Ron Kurtus

Readers have sent in a total of 108 comments and questions on Sports issues. They are listed according to date.

You can read them to further your understanding of the subject.

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Table Tennis Wants bylaws for ping-pong club USA
Top 50 NBA I suggest some other great NBA players USA
Top 50 NBA Where is Kobe Bryant in this study? USA
Basketball rule changes Other NBA rule changes because of Wilt USA
Top 50 NBA Who was the player to the left of the foul line? USA
Table Tennis What is the proper grip of the paddle? USA
Table Tennis What size room is needed for table tennis? USA
Table Tennis Making concrete tables USA
Table Tennis Questions on ping-pong USA
Table Tennis Service Is there an advantage in serving? USA

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Wants bylaws for ping-pong club

Topic: Table Tennis


June 10, 2010

We live in a gated community, and we are trying to start a new club. We call it the PV Ping Pong Club. The HOA requires a set of By-Laws to start such a club. Could you give us an example of such a set of By-Laws?

Jay - USA



The bylaws of homeowners association should state this requirement for clubs to have their own bylaws. It can't be something board members just came up with.

The reason probably is to make sure the group is organized and not doing something objectionable to that would cause liability problems to the HOA.

You can look at your HOA bylaws to get an idea of the structure of a typical bylaw, although I am sure it is in more more detail than you need.

Your bylaws would state the name of the group, what its purpose is, who is allowed to be in the group, where and when you will meet. If you have officers or someone in charge, the bylaws should state who that person is.

Some example ping-pong club bylaws are at:

I hope this helps. Best wishes with your club.

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I suggest some other great NBA players

Topic: Top 50 NBA


May 24, 2010

Although you have named alot of great basketball players and it very difficult to name them all. I think Calvin Murphy should of been considered along with Bob McAdoo for his free throw shooting percentage and ball handling. Small man amongst giants, along with Spud Webb and Tyrone Mugsy Bogues! These guys were great players, in an under six foot league they'd be considered all time greats.




That list was made in 1996 by some sportswriters. I agree that a number of great player were left out, while some others were include that probably should not be on the list.

Also, there are a number of great players since 1996 who should be on the list.

I'm planning to update the list using input from readers.

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Where is Kobe Bryant in this study?

Topic: Top 50 NBA


May 23, 2010

where is kobe bryant in this study? are his stats comparable to theses guards or to the 50 greatest of all time?




This was a list drawn up by sportswriters in 1996. It is out of date and does not include such players as Kobe Bryant. I plan to update the list soon, so that includes modern players.

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Other NBA rule changes because of Wilt

Topic: Basketball rule changes


June 22, 2009

Hello. I think there were 2 other NBA rule changes because of Wilt. He used to put his hands on either side of the rim when a teammate shot a 20 footer. Whether it touched his hands or not, if shot went in, Wilt got a fg and the shooter got an assist. Also the lane was widened a 2nd time because of him. The 1st was for Mikan. What do you say?

John - USA



Thanks for your info.

Apparently, when Wilt was in high school, he would catch another player's free throw and dunk it. Wilt got credit for two points, while the other player was marked as missing the shot. Needless to say, many other players did not like that.

I hadn't heard about putting his hands around the rim and getting credit, but it is possible. I know they had to change the goal tending rule.

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Who was the player to the left of the foul line?

Topic: Top 50 NBA


January 6, 2009

Who was the player shot to the left of the foul line during his foul shot?

bruce - USA



I'm not sure who you are referring to. I don't have any pictures of a player taking a foul shot.

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What is the proper grip of the paddle?

Topic: Table Tennis


December 2, 2007

what is considered the proper grip of the paddle?




There are two major grips, the shakehand and penhold grips. Most players from Asian countries use the penhold, while Americans use the shakehand.

A good site with basic pictures on grips is at:

More extensive material is at:, if you can weed through all the advertisements.

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What size room is needed for table tennis?

Topic: Table Tennis


November 27, 2007

I was wondering what size room do you believe i should have to be able to play table tennis effectively? Of course i would be purchasing a 9x5 table.

Jonathan - USA



I've played in a room that was 15 feet long, so it had about 3 feet of room behind each end of the table. It was acceptable, although somewhat cramped. I think a 20 foot length room would give you plenty of room for active play.

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Making concrete tables

Topic: Table Tennis


July 9, 2007

Regarding alejandro from miami who wrote in regarding concrete ping pong tables. I am pre-cast fabricator and designe in california researching the feasability of making a few of these and came across the his letter on your site. I plan on constructing a couple prototypes using a very advanced mix design that produces exteremely stong concrete and has exteremely good stain and graffiti resistance. interested persons please feel free to get in touch with me or if possible, could someone put me in touch with these guys? I to was inspired to look into this by the many found throughout europe, and thanks to many advances in mix design I feel much better and more appealing versions could be very feesable aditions to public areas. cheers, joe bates

Joseph - USA



I am sure that many people will be glad to be able to get concrete ping pong tables for their facilities and parks. I'll post your offer.

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Questions on ping-pong

Topic: Table Tennis


June 4, 2007

I am doing a school project and I'm doing it on ping-pong. To do the project I must write questions and find answers to them. Here are the ones I need help on, What are the paddles and balls made of? How do you hold the paddles? How and where did it originate? and What equipment is needed? I need this info A.S.A.P. because we need to finish the essay on the 9th. Thanks for your help! Please hurry!

Nicolette - USA



You can find some information from the Official Ping Pong / Table Tennis rules at

2.03 The Ball: The ball shall be spherical, with a diameter of 40mm. The ball shall weigh 2.7g. The ball shall be made of celluloid or similar plastics material and shall be white or orange, and matt.

2.04 The Racket: The racket may be of any size, shape or weight but the blade shall be flat and rigid. At least 85% of the blade by thickness shall be of natural wood; an adhesive layer within the blade may be reinforced with fibrous material such as carbon fiber, glass fiber or compressed paper, but shall not be thicker than 7.5% of the total thickness or 0.35mm, whichever is the smaller. A side of the blade used for striking the ball shall be covered with either ordinary pimpled rubber, with pimples outwards having a total thickness
including adhesive of not more than 2mm, or sandwich rubber, with pimples inwards or outwards, having a total thickness including adhesive of not more than 4mm.

There are several grips used in table tennis. See: for more about the game.

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Is there an advantage in serving?

Topic: Table Tennis Service


December 6, 2006

Is there an advantage associated with serving in table tennis? Is there any data to support the answer? I hope you can help me with this question.


Reza - USA



In every racquet sports, such as tennis racquetball, and table tennis, the server is at an advantage. The reason is because the server can set up the ball and aim it to a position that is hard to return.

The person returning the ball must be able to react quickly to hit it effectively.

Unfortunately, I haven't seen any studies or research that would support that fact.

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Hopefully, this reader feedback has helped provide information about Sports issues.

Have fun

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