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Understanding Technical Writing

by Ron Kurtus (updated 17 March 2023)

Technical writing or technical documentation is a business application of writing, where you explain product or service information to customers, as well as to company technical, management and sales personnel.

It is an important part of a company's products and services and plays a major role in the training of workers, sales representatives, and customers.

This type of writing is a specialized field that requires personal discipline, skill in writing clearly and concisely, understanding of technical products and processes, organizational skill, and knowledge of numerous software tools.

The purpose of these free online lessons is to give you a start at improving your skills in technical writing and advancing in your writing career.

Technical Writing Contents

Developing technical documentation

Conciseness is Key to Good Technical Documentation

Types of Documentation Needed by Companies

Process of Writing a Technical Manual

Managing Your Writing Project

Role of Technical Writers in Developing eLearning

Using tools

Succeed Using FrameMaker

Using RoboHelp to Develop a Simple Tutorial

DHTML-based WebHelp Tutorial

Java-based WebHelp Tutorial

ISO 9000 documents

Documents Needed for ISO 9000

Records Required by ISO 9001

Getting work as a Technical Writer

Skills Required to be a Technical Writer

What Technical Writers are Paid in the United States

5 Ways to Write Your Way into Technical Writing

Starting a Technical Writing Business

Marketing Yourself as an Independent Technical Writer

Success requirements

5 Powers of a Champion Technical Writer

Importance of Health in Technical Writing

Importance of Knowledge in Technical Writing

Importance of Excellence in Technical Writing

Importance of Value in Technical Writing

Importance of Character in Technical Writing

Be a Champion Technical Writer


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