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Feedback Q&A on TQM

by Ron Kurtus

Readers have sent in a total of 211 comments and questions on TQM issues. They are listed according to date.

You can read them to further your understanding of the subject.

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General Applicability of total quality management Uganda
Inspecting for Quality Inspection in shipping goods Nigeria
General Want to know the philosophy of TQM India
Supplier Quality Company refuses to work and solve problem USA
General How does TQM improve performance? Pakistan
General How long does it take to complete? USA
General Discuss in full the issues of TQM Malaysia
General How can I improve my restaurant business? Bahrain
Inspecting for Quality Inspecting material Tanzania
General What is important in TQM? India

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Applicability of total quality management

Topic: General


November 15, 2013

applicability of total quality management in business environment

gorret - Uganda



Total Quality Management is used in business to reduce wasteful processes, make quality goods, and satisfy the customers, such that the business will prosper.

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Inspection in shipping goods

Topic: Inspecting for Quality


September 9, 2013

What are the necessary steps to be taken for inspecting cargos to be delivered by sea to another part of the country?if there is shortages at the terminal or at the destination,who is to blame and how will the shortages be recovered,pls its urgent,thanks

Ifeanyi - Nigeria



I assume you are only interested in inspecting the quantity of items and to insure there is no damage before they are sent. Typically, a visual inspection is made, checking off items from a list from the owner of the material.

If there are items missing from the original list, the owners should be notified. All items may not have been sent or some could have been taken during shipment to the terminal.

It is important to be thorough in checking the items to make sure the terminal is not blamed or liable for the shortage.

At the destination, the quantity and condition of the items should be recorded again to make sure there was no loss or damage in transit.

Depending on where any shortage is found, you can determine who to blame. Unfortunately, there are people who steal. Sometimes even companies sending material or goods will claim things are missing, as a way to get some undeserved payment.

I hope this helps.

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Want to know the philosophy of TQM

Topic: General


August 1, 2013

The philosophy of TQM

sayooj - India



TQM is based on three principles:

(1) Satisfy the customer with quality products and service. This is the most important item.

(2) Continually improve the way you do things. This includes studying data and statistics to verify improvements.

(3) Help your workers and suppliers provide you with quality goods and services. This includes clear instructions and even providing extra training.

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Company refuses to work and solve problem

Topic: Supplier Quality


May 24, 2013

When the company has your money and doesn't want to work with you or BBB and Angies list what can you do?

Mel - USA



They say that a dissatisfied customer will tell over 12 others about the poor service or product. Word gets around about such companies, so they are short-sighted in not working with you to solve the problem.

You can post on Angie's List or other review sites about your problem with the company, but that probably will not get your money back.

In some rare cases, a letter (not an email) to the president of the company can get results. But most like;y, you will have to suffer the loss and then move on.

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How does TQM improve performance?

Topic: General


February 27, 2013

my course is total quality management....plz help me in my project
how TQm enhance oranizational performance,,define 15 variable acoording this statement

yasir - Pakistan



TQM can reduce losses due to wasteful practices. It can also increase profits due to customer satisfaction with quality products and services. Continuous improvement gives a company a competitive edge.

To define 15 variables for improvement requires deep knowledge of a company's business. You cannot guess at such things.

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How long does it take to complete?

Topic: General


February 4, 2013

how long does it take to complete this course?




The material is intended to simply provide information about the subject. It is not an official course with a certificate of completion. Instead, it is used to supplement your studies and increase your understanding.

Best wishes in learning more about TQM.

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Discuss in full the issues of TQM

Topic: General


January 10, 2013

Discuss in full the issues that need to be taken into consideration when improving quality through Total Quality Management.

Yuwe - Malaysia



Total Quality Management is improving quality through efforts to satisfy the needs of customers, help suppliers improve their quality, and work to continuously improve the way things are done. Measuring results is important to verify progress is being made.

An important issue is that upper management must agree on the effort to improve the way things are done. Sometimes they look at quick profits instead of long-term solutions.

Also, workers must see the TQM is not a threat to their jobs. Instead, it can mean more business and work.

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How can I improve my restaurant business?

Topic: General


December 6, 2012

abut how can i improve TQM at the resturant fasd food servic

mohamed - Bahrain



It is good to find out what the customers value in coming to your restaurant. Often they want good food, cleanliness, fast service, and courteous workers. These are areas that you need to emphasize.

A clever way to find out what customers want and like about your business is to provide a card with several questions about their views. Offer a free item, if they turn in the card. It could be a drink or small item. Not only will you get information on how to improve, you will also get a repeat customer who will come back for the free item.

In areas that need improvement, you can improve the process or procedure to make it more effective. That is a good starting TQM.

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Inspecting material

Topic: Inspecting for Quality


November 21, 2012

set out the main methods by which stores or material can be inspected

amby - Tanzania



It is important to have documentation that defines the specifications for the stores or material. The quality specification should state things such as broken parts, defects, poor workmanship, and such. Requirements must be defined so that the inspector will know what to look for and perhaps test.

Once the requirements documentation is defined, then an inspection procedure can be written.

Inspection can simply be visual, or it may require testing random units. Much depends on what the material or objects are.

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What is important in TQM?

Topic: General


October 28, 2012

what are the IMPORTANT to improve TQM?




The company leadership must want to improve their business through seeking customer satisfaction. A big reason TQM fails in some companies is that the leadership is only concerned about quick profits from low quality goods.

Improving quality and the processes, seeking customer satisfaction, and helping suppliers provide quality parts are important in implementing TQM.

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Hopefully, this reader feedback has helped provide information about TQM issues.

Always do your best

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