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Quality Improvement Resources

by Ron Kurtus (updated 21 November 2022)

The following are resources on quality improvement and Total Quality Management (TQM). Use these resources to help your understanding of the material.


These are some Websites with information on aspects of TQM. (If you know of other resources, let me know.)

Baldridge National Quality Program - Awards for improved quality and competitiveness


American Society for Quality - Good resource to find quality-related information

Goal/QPC - Educational institution aimed at improving communities and organizations


Top-rated books on Total Quality

Top-rated books on Business Quality

Top-rated books on Six Sigma

Top-rated books on ISO 9000

Most books on TQM are several years old. The following books can be purchased from or your bookstore. Some are available as used books.

The 5 Pillars of TQM: How to Make Total Quality Management Work for You by Bill Creech, Plume (1995) $19.95 - Approach used in the Air Force's Tactical Air Command

TQM: Text with Cases by John Oakland, Butterworth-Heinemann (2003) $54.95 - Includes case studies to support points, plus material on Six Sigma, Balanced Scorecard, and ISO 9000-2000

Industrial Asset Management and Equipment Reliability Toolkit by Mike Sondalini, (2004) $19.95 - Gives details on the asset management methods, systems and practices to use that deliver high plant availability, outstanding equipment reliability and safer workplaces


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