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Training Goals and Outcomes

by Ron Kurtus (updated 14 March 2023)

As a trainer, you need to be aware of the goals you want to achieve for your learners or students.

Many simply think the goal is to teach the subject matter to the learner, but it goes beyond that. You have to look at what outcome you hope to achieve.

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Goal of training

The goal of training a person is to impart a skill. In other words, the desired outcome of the training process is that the learner is sufficiently skilled in performing a task such that he or she can pass a competency test proving that skill.


There are hard skills such as learning to perform a task, and there are soft skills such as learning to deal with other people.

To learn a skill, you need to remember facts and the steps to follow. Then you need to be able to apply that knowledge and have the physical and/or mental coordination to perform the task. The learner does not necessarily have to understand the principles of the subject matter in order to be skilled at performing the required tasks.

Achieving outcomes

The following simplified process should result in the achievement of the desired outcomes of training:

  1. Communicate knowledge and information
  2. Reinforce through exercises
  3. Test to verify outcome


The desired outcome of training is the achievement of a skill. The method to achieve that outcome is by communicating information, reinforcing and testing for verification.

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