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Training Your Workers

by Ron Kurtus (updated 14 March 2023)

Although most companies provide training for their managers, they really need to look at training their workers.

Lack of proper skills by the workforce—and especially the latest skills—can prevent a company from being a leader, as well as affecting the bottom line profits. Skill-based training should be emphasized over soft-skill training.

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Problem with lack of skill

Do you have problems getting experienced, skilled workers to handle business or company department tasks? Do you find that many workers—even those with college degrees—seem to lack many of the basic skills required to do a good job?

Many companies have been plagued with the lack of properly educated personnel, especially with the fast pace of technology changes that require new methods and skills. Often a company will try to hire new people to fill the void, but they are often stymied by the lack of qualified applicants.

A solution to this problem is simply to provide training for your workers to fulfill the need of your company. This document will explain the advantages of providing that training for your workers.

Training should be skill-based

The training workers receive should be skill-based training, in order to raise their competency levels. Statistics show that companies spend 80% of training funds to teach managers "soft skills" while neglecting to upgrade the work skills of their productive employees.

Training to use equipment

Workers need to learn to use equipment and to do the various tasks on their jobs. These skills are often already available from previous training or job experience, but often in the case of advancing technologies, methods, or processes, workers must receive extra training.

Training in product knowledge

Workers also must be knowledgeable about the product, the equipment, and company policies to make decisions and to solve or avoid problems. Continual education is needed to provide this knowledge.

Also, salesmen must be trained on how to use the product or how the service is administered in order to effectively sell the product or service.

Skilled workers increase profits

Skilled workers do the job faster, make less mistakes, and contribute to the company's bottom line. An advantage of skill-based training is that its results is measurable in increased productivity. This justifies to training expenditure.

If a company is unable to hire skilled workers, they should make an effort to get the good workers they have properly trained. It makes bottom-line sense.


Companies need skilled workers, and since they are not readily available, it is often necessary for the company to provide training to increase their skill-levels.

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