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Results of Web Design Survey Questions

by Ron Kurtus (updated 9 February 2022)

Note: For a while, I had survey questions on the various topics. Answers were tabulated and placed in a database. That feature has been temporarily put on hold. However, you can still see the results of the survey.

Do you use HTML? Yes: 100 (81%) No: 22 (18%) Total: 122
Is search engine placement an issue? Yes: 51 (39%) No: 77 (60%) Total: 128
Are you a professional Web developer? Yes: 104 (29%) No: 248 (70%) Total: 352
Do you code in different languages? Yes: 56 (56%) No: 44 (44%) Total: 100
Do you use two monitors on your PC? Yes: 23 (17%) No: 106 (82%) Total: 129
Is Web development still a hot career? Yes: 71 (51%) No: 68 (48%) Total: 139
Can too much coding be bad for your health? Yes: 65 (40%) No: 94 (59%) Total: 159

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