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Concerns About Website Effectiveness

by Ron Kurtus (updated 21 December 2022)

Although many companies and individuals have well-establish purposes in developing their websites, they may still have concerns about the effectiveness of their sites.

One big concern is to assure that people will come to the site. Once they get to the site, you want then to look over the material, as opposed to going elsewhere. And finally, you want to achieve the initial purpose or goal of your site.

Questions you may have include:

This lesson will answer those questions.

Getting traffic to site

In some respects, getting people to come to your site is very similar to getting people to come into a store or getting people to buy a product. You have to advertise and let your target audience know where to go and what you have to offer.

Search engines

Just as people look for specific companies in the Yellow Pages, they also use search engines such as Google to find sites with the information or the products they desire.

Search engine optimization (SEO) is a new field of study that tries to show how to make your website more easily found in the top search engines.


You can advertise with search engines, but what is really needed is to have your site set up so the engines will list you when someone searches for specific information.

But it is also worthwhile to have your web address (URL) on your business cards, stationary and advertising brochures. Let people know how they can find more about you or your business.

Getting it read

Even if a person comes to your site through a personal referral, seeing an ad or using a search engine, they still have to spend a little time looking at the material. If they give up before seeing your important information, they might as well have not come at all.

Slow loading

One big reason that people give up on viewing a Web site is slow download time. If you have too many or too large graphics, it will considerably increase the time it takes your page to load. Very few people will wait more than 20 seconds to see a Web site.

Poor navigation

If the information you want to person to see is difficult to find, they may give up before they get to it. People don't want to travel through some difficult route to get to the page that allows them to buy the product.


Some Web pages put to much material on a page, are to cluttered, use awful colors or do other things that make it difficult or unpleasant to read the important material. One major irritation is an animated or blinking framed banner that is always in view. such a banner can be very distracting. 

Not achieving your purpose

Ultimately, you want to achieve the purpose for putting your Web site up in the first place. You have to keep that purpose in mind and not get distracted by trying to get too fancy or to achieve something that is non-value-added.

Your purpose may be to provide personal information, to advertise your business, to sell some products, to provide information you have or other objectives.


The alleviate the major concerns you may have about your Web site, advertise and get on search engine lists, make sure they user will not get discouraged browsing your site and keep your ultimate purpose in mind when developing your site.

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